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Can't find ANYONE

By RHOrains#5009 December 12, 2016, 22:08:23
Hey I hope this forum is the best place to post, I haven't checked Impsvillage but I assume they aren't covering Touch.

I am a 55 panda on Dodge. I started when Touch was released but lately I haven't been on much because I don't like playing solo. I check in once a day to feed my pet and I go to Gobbal Corner zaap or Cania zaaps and post in /r trying to find someone to level with. It never works. I feel like I am literally the only player on the server. I even go to Frigost thinking maybe that's where the action is at, but nothing. There isn't anybody in Astrub. I check at many times throughout the day. Am I in the wrong places or do I need to join a different alliance or what? I seriously never see anybody posting in /r. My alliance is small so that might have something to do with it. I really need some people to play with or I'm going to give up as much as I hate to say it, I waited many many years for mobile dofus and its just so empty and sad..

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I don't know what's happening on Dodge, but Grandapan is super busy.
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The reason why there are not many ppl at Astrub or on /r is the earlier incident with the overflow of bots. No one wants to see their spam so most sifted to Amakna village zaap. Besides, not many stick to zaaps waiting for ppl to join hunts with them as it is kind of boring and they rather do something than just wait. There seems to be more teamplay and progression on higher lvls on dodge right now and the lower lvls are finding it harder to group up and to stuff together.

Don't know what alliance you are in but finding a active and friendly guild/alliance with no high lvl requirements greatly helps with finding ppl to play with. Ppl that are in a nice guild rarely post on /r because they can find atleast someone to go hunting with them within their guild/alliance, which makes /r a bit more deserted. Feel free to add me if you want but our lvl difference may make hunting together a bit problematic, just saying.

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I guess the easy answer would be: why don't you find an active guild with people to team with? I think that's what most of people do, and maybe that's why there isn't many people using /r.

But anyway, /r should be the right answer when you don't have teammates available. I usually look at it while playing. And I often see players on the map, sometimes asking me to team with them. So yes, there are people playing and to play with ! wink

Do not hesitate to add me, and why not go level together one of these days.

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I have thw same issues on dodge using /r no one replies and it has little to no activity which is fustrating at times when you are either bored of leveling solo or cant solo certain dundgeons etc or just nees a hand, i started a new guild solely for this so if you havent found one yet then your welcome to join mine i play everyday and im always keen to tag along with someone or vise versa 
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Add me is you like kaka level 57 cra
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