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Aegis is Recruiting

By imtoosmexyforthisshizzle#5655 December 16, 2016, 09:44:47
Hey Guys!

Previously we were Amakna, we have changed our name back to the same as our original guild Aegis on Rosal server. (The Rushu version is a copy we are the original creators)

IF you are new to dodge, or an old player new to touch, get IN touch! And there will be....touching....

Lvl 35 guild, working hard to hit the first milestone of level 50! Come and join us, find Hoodoo (leader UK), Xdamagex or Maridion (my 2 Dutch SIC) for invite.

We dont care about your level so much, just that you have the intention to stay with that char and help us, we will hep you in return smile

Hope to see you soon in Dodge! Peace

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Hi there
My ingame name is Deathand, osa lvl 55, wanting to join the guild
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Yo, i would like to join.
A returning player from Rosal, ingame name: Dollix
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I would like to join, in-game name Babyblue.
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