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Manifestus Fatum recruiting

By DAB69#2150 December 26, 2016, 13:11:41
Hi guys 
Started a new guild and also joined a new alliance.

im really hoping i can find some active helpful players to join my guild. Your level isnt going to be an issue as long as you can commit to training hard and actually want to level your character (s). Im not looking for any xp contribution for quite a while, id rather people join the guild get firmiliar with how we play and we will obviously get firmiliar with how you like to play and just concentrate on getting our levels up in general and also in a proffession to really make a solid contribution to our alliance.

in saying all this im not expecting everyone to always be online and to always be leveling i know it can get boring and at the end of the day we play for the fun and love of the game but if your interested in joing a solid dofus family even when just leveling we will make it enjoyable as possible and help where and whenever we can with what ever we cansmile

the type of players im really looking for are like i said active and helpful but also loyal, selfless when needed and motivated and we will all prosper greatly together.

im no expert in the world of twelve and i dont pretend to be if i cant help anyone we will find someone who can.

thanks for reading you can add me online 

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