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Looking for some hombres!

By NightTripper#7784 March 30, 2017, 12:29:37
Me and a friend are old dofus players from pre 2.0 and have recently come back after finding out about dofus touch. Looking for anyone to team up for dungeons/mobs or even to join a guild. Both level 25 after a couple of days, int cra and str iop. Feel free to drop me a message at Hawkeye-Gough or leave a way for me to contact you in this thread smile

Server is dodge btw! Look forward to any friendlies!
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Been playing for a couple weeks as I too have just heard about this game too! If you are still playing please feel free to add me @ kingki lvl36 entrouf
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You're welcome in celestial mate - pm Topaz-Rider!
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