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New player looking for guild to play with

By ArjayCortez#5153 May 05, 2017, 08:08:53
I am a new player currently level 38 right now looking for a guild with new player prefferably to run dungeons and exp, Im not into leeching just here to have fun and make friends hit me up guys

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my fault im still new to the forum thing im on grandapan by the way
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Hey there! I'm level 45 on Grandapan, new to DofusTouch as well! smile I'm actually also looking for a guild ^^;; Anyways, feel free to add me while we both search for one! I'm "Mycosium" in-game.
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I am also new lol and on that server im only lv 12 atm but I'm also looking for a guild. Not much fun playing alone.
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