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Nox Astra - English Speaking

By Smuggled#4044 May 29, 2017, 19:19:16
Nox Astra

The latest, and *cough* greatest guild you or anyone else will ever hear of or see. We are a brand spanking new guild, looking for friendly & active English speakers to join us. 

Why us? Why not.

Level Requirements? We don't have any. You don't need to be level 200 to have fun here.

What is there to gain? Friends, fun, and of course levels. We run dungeons regularly, and a few of us are longterm PC players, myself personally, I began in 2004 on Rushu. We can provide knowledge, and experience to make the game not only more fun, but more worthwhile. 

If you think that sounds like a good deal, then hit me or anyone else you see in the guild up and we will get you an invite sent over ASAP!

First Point of Contact for Invites: Smuggle, Wealth, Gelano


See you soon!

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