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Recruiting for Rock Bottom

By DAB69#2150 September 28, 2017, 17:40:35
Hi all,
Recruiting for our guild rock bottom.
Looking for friendly active players to join our teamsmile No level requirements to join. smile We are currently a level 21 guild awaiting to join an alliance just trying to build activity.
Im on every day and am always available to help with anything to the best of my ability/knowledge and hope new players will be the same smile
there will be an xp contribution from every player.
Lvls 1-49 - 0%
Lvls 50-100 - 1%
Lvls 101-150 - 2%
Lvls 151-200 - 4%
once you have reached level 100 you will be given the right to manage your own xp but above are the minimums.
Everyone will also be given the right to invite new players so if you have friends you want t invite you can do so.

If you have any question message me here or in game

Thanks smile
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