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Soul is recruiting

By DAB69#2150 June 06, 2018, 00:54:00
Hey guys,

Started a new guild a couple of days ago.
wanted to put some feelers out to see if anyone would be interested in joining.
currently leveled to 15, need to continue to 25 to meet requirements for joining an alliance.

We will be joining SOL, who are the best alliance on the server without question :p
Everyones friendly as f#*k and very helpful.
plently of maxed proffessions and theres also weekly events that leadership host for everyone to partake in. 

Looking for friendly active players who like to chat, xp, run dungeons and quest together. Most of all looking for people who share the same love for the game.

i implore you to join we will not disappointsmile 

message me in game kaka-boozin or reply on this thread and ill pm ya.

thanks for reading and good luck out there smile 

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Add me please.
agi sram
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You guys on Grandapan?  

Int Osa
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Just an a quick updatesmile 

We are now level 38 and moving quicker, we had our first member reach 200 yesterday and 3 more are over 190 now. We also have 3 more level 200's on they way over from another guild.

Currently have 82 members now and were trying to focus on recruiting off our most active times, hopefully we can get to the stage were we always have a few people on line. That way if you log at an unusual time you'll still have new people to meet/play/ talk shit with smile 

We have also added a discord server for the guild so we can organise times for events, xp, dungeon runs etc and ofcourse a bit of banter biggrin 

Level requirements for recruiting are still open so anyones welcome smile 

Thanks again for reading.
PM me, IG name Kaka-shadow.  
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Ill Join

Lvl 52 Cha Sac
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Hey chuckleface,

ill add you when i logg and give ya a pm
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I'm interested in joining too, I'll look for you in-game. I usually play in the evenings (GMT+2) and would love to have some pals to run with. That being said, I'm a slow leveler that loves crafting and gathering, so I may not be 200 anytime soon (lvl26 Pandawa right now). Character name is Sappeska.

PS: Is there a level requirement? I think I cannot open the guild interface just yet.
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Hey traille, no level requirements to join, ill be poppin on this morning quickly ill add ya
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Are you still recruiting? 55 enu chance
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We most certainly are give me a pm when you log Kaka-Shadow
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Hey, could I join your guild too? 
I'm a LVL 200 Iop, my IGN is Joch-Hurt
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Ofcourse  you can :p
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Are you guys still recruiting?
ign Newbie-Raider level 23 :unsure:
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we are still recruiting bro give me or joch a pm
IGN Kaka-Shadow and Joch-Hurt
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