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Soul is recruiting #2

By DAB69#2150 March 10, 2019, 09:17:36
Hey fellas

Soul is recruiting again, we are looking for friendly active players to join our family.
There is a level requirement of 100 to join, however if you are lower and are very active still give us a private message in game for a chat.

We are currently level 80 and climbing, We have a small core of active players and looking to build that core a little more. Soul is not a stepping stone to bigger and better things, it is a place to work together to build something better. If your not planning on joining and staying then please do not join at all. Our guild is not huge and we like it that way so once we have built our core a little more, recruiting will close. We value ourselves on kindest, banter and loyalty. 

We have a ranking scheme for our guild to keep it organised and give something for our members to work towards. We are currently planning to implement a reward scheme into the ranking scheme to make it a little more beneficial to our members. There are plenty of maxed professions amongst our members and we are working on more.

There is a mandatory experience contribution of 1%. You may contribute more if you like but I'd honestly prefer if we helped get you to 200 before you do so, but it is entirely up to you.

Once our core is built to our liking recruiting will be closed and we will start fortnightly events for all of our guild members to take part in, this will offer us a break from that daily grind we all love and they are fun to do. There will be xp groups, dungeons runs and once we have built our core, level and gear wise we will tackle the dungeon line to frigost 3 together. Most of us are already there but we would love to see our new members there with us.

Soul is apart of the alliance SOL by far the best alliance in the server. They are helpful, friendly and a hell of a laugh. SOL also offer weekly events for the whole alliance to part take in so there will never be a dull moment. 

If you are wanting to join our small family please send myself or one of our second in commands a PM in game.


Thankyou for reading my novel
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