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Legacy is recruiting new members (Dodge)

By Joelit000#6977 September 22, 2020, 19:48:50
Hello everyone! Welcome to Legacy. Following a period of inactiveness we are rebuilding the guild in the hope that it can return to its rightful place. In order to do that we need YOU! smile We are constantly seeking dedicated, active players of any level who want to be part of a journey. If this sounds like you, leave a comment to apply wink We also have a discord server to hangout, chat, search for groups or play events. Hope to see you soon!
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Hi, i speak spanish and my english is  bad, i can come in with you. :3 
as soon as i start playing on that server, i am single acount. some one speak spanish o understand spanish ?
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We all speak english but if u can write in english you should be fine smile
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after a break of serveral years i returned to the touch version, grinding up my way now as a solo player. im mostly interested in pvm content and since its starting to get challenging im searching for a english speaking guild. Are you still recruiting players?
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I would love to be invited! I mostly play an Osa. 
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Hey guys, is it still open? I was thinking of playing but I need some companions as I plan to stay a monoaccnt guy smile. If the recruitment is off then anyone interested to play together, let me know, I'm Valinomycine 
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Feel free to PM Cozyy for invites ! As it is another guild ofc biggrin We are low lvl players and we all play together to enjoy the game from lvl 1 to lvl 200 without anyone's help ! We are currently around 100lvl right now ! Feel free to join us !
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