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Old Guild, in-game Family for players who like to grow!

By XritinDbag#2960 June 14, 2021, 15:53:19
Hello to everyone! 
Unlike my other threads, I come to you today with something very special and dear to me. 
The guild named VENDETTA. 

As an introduction, I guess I should say that we are proudly part of the Alliance called TSW, home to some of the server's elite OGs and holders of 69 territories throughout the World of Twelve. We are one of the server's oldest guilds, created back in September 2016. 
For the first time in a long while, we have finally opened our doors. Not to everyone though, that'd be crazy! 

Who we are: Our family consists of well-rounded players in every aspect this game has to offer. We are like-minded individuals with an urge to thrive and conquer. As far as languages go, we have large communities of Spanish speakers, Italian speakers, Dutch & German speakers. Naturally, our main language is English, and forever will be. Though we really have no requirement to join our family, it's become clear after such a long time that to become part of it, one has to:
  • Preferably be an adult (though we do tend to keep NSFW to a minimum)
  • Enjoy farming Achievement points at all costs
  • Like to occasionally kill enemy preceptors
  • Have a creative mind when it comes to in-game events
  • Can't imagine anything better than killing Count on repeat.
  • Likes to see his/hers Kolosium Rating grow larger

Who we are looking for: As previously mentioned, we'd really appreciate it if you fit the profile to join us. However, this is indeed a rare opportunity. If what I've said so far seems interesting to you, then all you have to do is ask. Even if you are just starting out, looking for a family, or if you're already an experienced player looking for shelter, look no further, 'cause chances like these only come up every once in a while. 

In conclusion, if Vendetta seems like the place to be, here's what you'll have to go through: 
First, you must PM either one of those good-looking individuals mentioned here: 
Gregorr, Golden-Nuggets, Narimanka, Rinst, Can-dee, Vendetta-Xx, Maestro-Bomber, or Litdetta.
As a requirement, you will have to first join our Discord server, where you'll be interrogated (uhhh maybe interview would be a better word but oh well). Once the process is concluded, we shall perform a background check and get back to you with a response. 
Supposing our committee accepts you, you won't have to look anyplace else for the rest of your game life.
What are you waiting for?!
Sign Up!!
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p.s. If for some reason you can't find us in game, we're all here somewhere :p
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