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Where is everyone on Dodge?

By RHOrains#5009 December 12, 2016, 22:13:33
And Grandapan, too..

I am an English-speaking player and can't find anyone to play with on Dodge. I post in /r a lot but get no replies most of the time. Just wondering if I'm in the wrong regions when looking for players (I usually try at Gobbal Corner and Cania). 

Thank you..

Rho-Rho on Dodge
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Dofus Touch is new and without ads and there is already an official game, tha Dofus to computer platform, a lot of people play there and the majority of them stayed there because here they need to start from the begining. 

I think that with time the Dofus Touch will gain more players, Ankama will do the Dofus 3.0 and maybe trow the Dofus 2D only to portable.

I am from Grandapan, go there if you want to play with me, I am low level because I started only few days ago but I am liking this server, particularly I chose this server because of the character Grandapan, I am a panda and so so... =)  

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Dodge was the second international server and so is not as populated as Grandapan. I made the same mistake you did and picked Dodge... Oh well. There are people to play with, it's just harder to find a group than it could be.

Recently I started a second account, so at least I'd be able to play with myself, but it's not a great situation. I don't know how it is on Grandapan, but I've been told there are more people.
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I play in Dodge, usually online from 9PM to 11PM PST.  I'm close to lv100.  In-game name is Goldigger
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Im on dodge everyday man add me kaka level 59 cra happy to play with ya smile 
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Also know a good group that like leveling in pig plains add me and ill point you in the right direction if there online ofcourse smile 
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Welcome to Dodge, where 99% of the people are multi boxers and over 180.. Unless you multi box or are friends with one of the high levels you're not getting a group.. Trust me, i'm 19x and no one groups with anyone else but them self
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Hey I'm always happy to play with people. Level 50 sac lookin for company. Pm topaz-sam
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