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What's Dodge status?

By Syncronizer#2216 October 17, 2017, 19:25:10
So, what I mean is how is this server? is the population decreasing or increasing (are they legit or not)? Is the economy stable or unstable? How's the community? Alive or dead? How's the issues with the bots, it's getting better it's getting worse? Also the professions, are they balanced, what I mean is, are there enough players with different professions or focused on a few professions thus resulting in some professions remaining untouched. How is the class popularity on this server?

Regarding the population, are there enough people to do dungeons? Or PvP? And also how likely you are to get scammed, in short, the honesty level.
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well i cant answer all the questions but a i can tell you that the comunity there is alive not full of live but its alive and the population is inccreasing but at a slow speed, the economy is stable the prices are not creazy and the items are always on the market the are always some to craft you something, the bots are few its uncommon and common to see them but if you report them on time maybe the next day they will be gone and like all the amakna games there multiaccounts but there not bad they will help you to do stuf lvl, etc. there is a alliance that have the most prism on the map but there a few other that have 1 or 2 prism, the pvp is good if you go to hunt percs. if you are going to play on dodge just do it and see it for yourself, sorry for my english and if you are going to start on dodge whisper me and i will gladly help you IG: articsound
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Thanks for the answer. Also I'm already playing on dodge, it's just that I see few people and the chat is usually empty. I wasn't sure whatever it was my time zone or not (Europe).
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English Server Population

As you see the picture above, Dodge population is increasing.

There are two active alliance: HUE and SOL

HUE:Biggest high level 150+

SOL:Growing alliance. For new player  level around 100

In hue, there are a lot of dungeon activities and XP hunts for 150+ players. However, I never see activities for low level players. Maybe SOL has it.

I have no problem finding all profession. Staff and axe seem unpopular, but there are around 10 lvl100 craters on active. 

I am not exactly sure about class popularity. However,  the class viable for frigost2-3 seems popular such as iop, eni, panda, feca, cra, enu, sram, masq, etc.

Sadi, sac, fog, rogue, osa, eca seem relatively unpopular because hard to find the group for endgame dungeon.

I sometimes see bots runnning around asturb or amakana, but getting banned soon. thx for moderators.
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