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Bots in wells of Bonta

By afam1998#2826 April 07, 2019, 15:26:26
Hello community,

I played Dofus for a while and joined the Dofus Touch community very recently and so, I've been trying getting my first few kamas with farmer and baker's professions. I came to realize that the only way you can get water is by getting in from wells, but this seems rather slow especially when there's bots running them 24/7. I would suggest adding the anti bot system that shows up when you're gathering (the one where they ask you to select the images with a given object) to players that are running wells. What do you think?
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They are also in Incarnam, it difficults new players that want to use professions.
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They are trying, but based on the recent updates it seems it is going poorly. 

You can also get water from certain monsters. You can click the water to check bestiary for things that drop water. It's slower, but you get experience and other loot alongside water. 
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Thank you.
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maybe this is late but, 
you can try farming wells at the south of bonta. theres 3 well that has like 1 map difference from each other. you can farm some cereals while waiting too
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