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how do you change servers?

By teckyj#6131 January 28, 2020, 09:53:08
Does anyone know how to change servers? I am currently on Grandapan.
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Currently, this option is not possible in Dofus Touch. If you want to be on another server, you must create a new pj.
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I want to play with my friends but they are in the Brutas server. I created a new account but it put me again in the Dodge server. Is there any way I can change without having to create a player all over again?? Please consider integrating this feature please, someone asked in 2016 and its 2021 and still nothing.
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Hola, como menciona Ranzwell, a fecha de hoy no hay una forma de poder pasar un personaje entre servidores. Respecto al detalle de crear otro personaje y que este se encuentre nuevamente en dodge, intenta que a la hora de crear tu personaje, en la lista de servidores, clickees el botón que se ubica abajo del marco con un logo de "global", es un circulo como tal dentro del botón, así podrás visualizar y seleccionar entre el resto de servidores el que deseas.
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