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By Puppenspiel#5679 May 06, 2020, 19:42:20

Hello! a few days ago I saw a group of Sadidas overlapping one after another on the outskirts of Astrub on their way to the mine; now, this is the second time I have seen this one, which has all the characteristics of a bot, in the mine of 1, 32 and its surroundings, what can be done about it? We all know how negative this is for trade, etc.

Mod edit: Removed images. Please send suspected bot information directly to a moderator and not on the public forum. -[MOD]Fiora
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Join the Dofus touch discord channel, there you can find a guide on how to report bots easily.
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Wow! I just created an account on dodge... This server has a SERIOUS problem with bots.
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Hi there,

The moderation team takes this issue very seriously. We actively monitor the servers for bots and sanction them accordingly.

You are able to report suspected bots to the moderation team for review. Please see this thread ( to learn how to report bots.
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I honestly cannot remember ever going to jelly peninsula and not seeing it swarming with bots, 100+ easy, all day, everyday.
Just look for the character who's shadow is pure black because there is actually 20 characters moving in unison.
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