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Shop request and Npc

By Tyrannosaur25#6567 May 25, 2021, 02:45:02
Hello! I just wanted to point out that the shariva shield from npc where you exchange event tokens is unobtainable. I’ve been playing/participating in events on dofus and dofus touch platform since 2009 and still am unable to obtain this item due to lack of events with tokens as rewards…

I would also love to see some new ceremonial items similar to PC dofus brought into dofus touch… I love and appreciate the difference in how dofus touch is more similar to the old pc version prior to the additions of the dimension zones…

I would also love to see specific shields added to the shop specifically any of these 3… the Hispanic shield - the golden Hispanic shield - and finally the Escudo Epico shield…

These were so rare and valuable Items I would love to see in a shop rotation… I’d legit pay $50-$60 on goultines for each one and I know there’s a lot of other players that would love to have them or do the ascension to potentially get for free from goultine rewards.
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