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Server merge

By big-dawg#6108 July 24, 2022, 16:30:48

I think that the 2 international servers (dodge and grandapan) would benefit from a server merge just like the international servers did on pc dofus years ago, when they created Echo.

How do I contact ankama to ask this question?

Also, I believe that 1v1 kolo (also like pc) would be a MASSIVE addition!

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1 vs 1 bad idea. that's can be kill 3 vs 3. if you want 1 vs 1, do brakmar vs bonta 

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Also, you’re inviting kolo trading opportunities where people will farm tokens just by entering and quitting. I’m not paying for 5000 Kamas for 1 recall potion because of inflation in the markets due to kolotokens.

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