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By viejoparra#7982 September 12, 2019, 03:08:08
<<<< In Latin America, raffles or draws are very common. At least once in our lives we have bought or seen someone close to buy a ticket from an aunt, a friend, cousin, neighbor or any other person who, given a specific need, has decided to hold one of these events to raise money.

Its operation is simple, you promise a prize which costs X, you decide how many tickets you are going to sell, say Z and finally you set the price for each ticket, say W. Then the money raised will be, the multiplication between Z and W, and ALWAYS This result will be greater than X (Prize cost). In this way the person who owns the raffle earns the money he needs to solve his problem, the winner is happy to win and the non-winners are satisfied with having helped someone (Even if they have bought a ticket for a product that, in many occasions, nor do they need).

The previous introduction was to tell you about the most efficient method I've seen in a long time to generate or win Kamas. Before continuing, we agree that, when the method described is used repeatedly, it goes from being an “Aid” to becoming a BUSINESS. A very lucrative business.

At this point, I will talk about the YouTube channel “La Puerta de Virgil”. Its owner, through his characters in DOFUS TOUCH, has created the most profitable business he has seen on the Brutas server called Mystery Box.

Well, surely we agree on something: With some guides and videos it has helped some players. However, my problem is the systematic and excessive abuse of the mentioned method. I think it is abusive and disloyal to his own followers, the main reason is because of the way he advertises and announces these types of events: He does so with the premise of "Help your subscribers", "for you" or "Help new players ”and this bursts me. What it does is a business! Nothing more, a lucrative and juicy business that generates millions of kamas! Which I will try to summarize and explain below.

Sell in your merchants gifts that contain different objects: equipment, turkeys, pets and even weapons. These packages are sold for 99,999 kamas and up to this point everything seems normal ... A merchant who sells things. Whoever wants to buy, whoever does not want does not buy. Then, he uses his YouTube channel to promote his event, once again, under the premise "For and for you"; through a video or with live recording, announce what the “fat prizes” are or will be and then calculate the value of these: 40, 50 or 60 millions of kamas! And then leave everything selling on a certain map with 6 PJs of yours (As a fact, it is illegal to place more than 1 merchant on the same map. And many others will, of course, but the others do not say it live or in any YouTube channel, additional, if they know of someone who does it, they can report it) Following his method, obviously, he has already calculated how many gifts full of “garbage” he must make to exceed the cost of the prizes. Making it look like an excessive and sacrificed effort for his followers, he takes the job of wrapping 400, 500, 600 or more gifts…. Please! This is not a sacrifice, it is a business, I would wrap 1,000 gifts myself, the profitability of the method is very high and makes millions of kamas to those who put it into practice.

These events are the most profitable I have ever met ... In particular, those of frames. The majority of turkeys are raised by the same, so the cost they calculate for their prizes is not a real cost. Earn millions of kamas directly and with each event you make sure to sell your production. The total price of turkeys, between normal and exotic, is calculated with the average market price, which is always above the real price of the object (Since they are level 1 turkeys) in this way it calculates for example that they are worth 25 or 30 million, when in reality, selling them in the market would only reach a value of 9 or 10 million (Not to mention the wait to sell them or the sales tax). But who wants to sell a turkey of 8,000 kamas in the market, when wrapped in a gift "with a lot of sacrifice" is worth 99,999. Finally, it shows that he buys 2, 3 or 4 turkeys with armor and also places them to sell ... Well, everyone would invest 6 or 7 million to earn 50 or 60 millions!

Regarding equipment (Rings, boots, hat, cape, amulet, etc.) nobody, absolutely nobody, in his right mind would spend 99,999 kamas on a champi ring (which seems usury and scratch on the scam) but, as it is a “ raffle ”whoever wants to buy and whoever wants does not buy and this remains legal. In his videos, he shows when he buys some items (As with the turkeys with armor, we will tell him investment. They are the promise of what you can earn, the reason why hundreds of players buy). And although nobody knows for sure, many say that in most cases they manufacture the objects (which, if true, comes out much cheaper compared to the average price they say they cost) or reuse parts of sets that they will no longer use your characters, wrap them and sell! Once again, millions of kamas with minimal investment!

All of the above has generated multiple discussions and there is always a shadow of a doubt about these events, does the “fat prizes” really involve them and put them up for sale? Do you withdraw them and sell them again to the market? We do not know for sure. One thing is what he shows in his videos, and another very different may be the reality. What he does is certainly not illegal as many of his Haters say, it is legal, but driven by false publicity and based on the promise of winning something incredible of 3.4 or 5 million with 99,000 kamas. A powerful combination if you ask me, so powerful that many claim to spend at 1 or 1.5 mk per event and only have earned jalato, champi or turkey rings of 10,000 kamas. Not to mention the giant problem that he helped create: A lot of merchants, who also want a piece of this lucrative business. They simulate colors and names (Slightly changed) copies of their PCs, and also leave selling gifts with garbage to the same 99,999 kamas. Sadly the unsuspecting and clueless buy them and, obviously, they also lose their kamas. The only difference is that these kamas go to another pocket.

Finally, subscriber of your channel, I'm sorry to disappoint you by telling you that this does not do it for you, it does so for the millions of kamas that you earn through you. What he does is super profitable and lucrative but also disloyal and dishonest with those who say "help."

Regards!  >>>>>

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Y esto se supone que es una denuncia? Si la gente quiere gastar sus kks ahí es problema de ellos. Yo también he participado de esos eventos, y créeme, esa pequeña emoción hace que a muchos les guste mas el juego. Si tu mismo dices que eso es legal no veo entonces el motivo de publicar esto. El simplemente encontró una buena forma de hacer kks. Anímate! Haz tu propio canal en youtube, gana suscriptores y realiza eventos para forrarte en kamas!
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