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Ascension Island, Tips on each Rotation in English

By XritinDbag#2960 May 19, 2021, 13:02:59
Hello Again Dofus Touch Forum!
My name's Can-dee, I mainly play an Enutrof on Dodge server. 
Since Ascension Island was launched a couple of years ago, I've noticed in my inner-game circle that there's a bit lack of information regarding its rotations, possible tips and advice on how to defeat each boss, and so on. 
I mean, there are always the French talks on the Forum, or on Dofus Touch's discord server, but that's sadly limited for French-speaking players only, as with many other aspects of this game, when we're talking about hardcore fans like myself.
The thing is, that as much as we all love to figure out things by ourselves, sometimes a little help can go a long way! That's exactly what we're planning on changing. 

Some time ago, early on in 2021, I launched The Vulbis Discord Server to promote English content about Dofus Touch, and by all means, it has been going great. 
So far we're at 200+ members from both Grandapan and Dodge servers. Even Ankama itself was kind enough to help us promote it, by posting an invitation link on their Discord server's #community section.

Since the server was rising in popularity, a new Mod was added, and it turns out that he's quite the PvM genius! 
I mean personally, I've never completed a full rotation of Ascension, but to him and his teammates, it's easy. 
He decided he wanted to share the knowledge, so we're starting a section on the server meant to facilitate English-speaking players' gameplay. 
Not only is he going to be transferring the tips made on the French forums about each rotation, but he's also going to be sharing much of his knowledge regarding the subject. 
Basically, if you like PvM, you should definitely give it a glimpse. 

As I've already mentioned, you can find an invitation on Dofus Touch's Discord server, at the very top of the #community room.
On top of that, we're also creating an interactive list with all the Archmonsters of Eternal Harvest, an idea which is also based on a French discord server (also found on #community), by Zephix. 

Bottom line, I guess what I'm trying to say is that we're making an effort in making this game easier for the English community, and if that's something that interests you, make sure to pop by and say hello. 
If you're ever having any troubles, know that you can find me on Discord with this nickname:  Dee#3796

Hopefully I see some of you in Vulbis kiss
Until then, 
Have fun & keep rocking!

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