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So, is Touch fully cross-platform?

By HexOmega#2662 September 07, 2021, 01:14:42
If I Google it, I see it saying that Dofus Touch is cross-platform, but I also see threads requesting it to be cross-platform and saying it isn't. Those threads that come up have been around for a minute, though, the most recent one I have found being in February of 2020. So, is the game actually cross-platform or is it not?

I haven't owned a computer in years, but I know this is an old game and I remember trying it on PC and at the time, I couldn't get into it. Now I am playing Touch on my phone and I am getting invested, but if memory serves me correctly, it seems like the same game I played on PC. That thread from 2020 stated that your characters in Touch are separate from those you have in the PC version. So if that is true, is it the same game and you're playing with people that are on PC as well and you just have to manage a different set of characters from PC to mobile, or have they made it a true character crossing MMORPG since these threads I have read?

On a side note here, I noticed I have the option to choose my avatar out of a selection of pre-set pictures. However, after I choose one and confirm, my avatar remains the same blue and pink picture with a blank face on it. Do you have to earn the right to select a picture? I know some forums are like that, but I didn't notice anything stating that on here. pensive
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Hey there,

Dofus Touch and Dofus PC are actually two separate games, so there is no "cross-platform play" between the two.

The two games do not share servers, and contain many variations in content that would make it impossible. There is no plan to unify the two games, as it was intentionally decided that Dofus Touch would follow its own development path instead of exactly following Dofus PC.
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