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Weapon bonus according to Class?

By JudaForever#9386 March 12, 2023, 18:37:31
Is it truth that there is a bonus for each class with certain weapons? If it's true anyone knows the percentage of that bonus and which are the correct weapons for each class?
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I’m wondering this as well.
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In very previous versions there was something similar but it was not a bonus, but a weapon malus for each class, for example the srams generated better damage with daggers (0% reduction) and bows (5% reduction) than with another weapon (10% reduction) and so on according to each class. Currently that no longer works like that, it is a function that has been eliminated long ago to give versatility to each character when building their set and not have to go exclusively to weapons that do not suffer reduction, now if you are interested in the mechanics, this is still maintained in dofus retro.
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