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Where to find items that use to be in shop

By jove2#5830 May 02, 2019, 22:44:52

Items that use to be sold in NPC Shop's:
This might not be all of them, but its a list of where to find them now.
Not all creatures are listed as to find items, this is just a basic idea.

Baker Yeast =    Craft by Alchemist
Biblop Blubber = Blops
Big Phial =     Craft by Miner
Cherry =    Tofu, Piwi, Kolack
Element Flask = Craft by Miner
Frying Oil =    Craft by Farmer
Glass Bowl =    Craft by Miner
Infected Blood = Ouginak, Scurvion, White Fang
Jelly Blubber =     Jellys
Lemon =    Gobballs, Dreagoss
Lettuce =    Blops
Onion =        Chafers, Vampire, Evil Tofu, Kwoan, Oni, Gargoyl, Grey Mouse
Pepper =    Boar, Mastogob
Plant Resin =    Treechnid, Trunknid
Salt Measure =    Lousy pigs, Plain Boars, Plissken, Bworks, Boowolf
Slender Tube =    Craft by Miner
Spices =        Craft by Hunter
Strawberry =    Strawberry Jellys
Tasty Juice =    Craft by Fisherman
Temporal Powder = Craft by Farmer, Dark Baker
Water =    Crabs, Snappers

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