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How do I get more dofus

By blodhunger#6043 August 23, 2020, 22:59:20
As the title suggests I have the first one from a quest +1 vit, now I'm curious how to get more of them. I did google it but it's not easy find info where to get them unless some one has a link to guide or advice I would appreciate that.
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Some ways can bring to get some new dofuses.
You can find easily information also in the official Site of DOFUS TOUCH if you look for Equipment/DOFUS

Anyway a list in my mind:
-TURQUOISE DOFUS (CH 11-20) dropped by Dragon Pig
-CRINSOM DOFUS (power 100%) dropped by Minotoror
-VULBIS DOFUS (1MP) dropped by Crocabulia
-CAWWOT DOFUS (Wisdom) reward of a long quest in Wabbit island
-ICE DOFUS (20 fix dmg each element) reward after a very very long quest in Frigost
-OCHRE DOFUS (1 AP) reward after collection all the soulf of monster/archmonster for a quest in Otomai
-KALIPTUS DOFUS (PP) reward after done Skeunk Dungeon
-DOLMANAX (50 INT CHA AGI STR) reward of one year of daily gift at Almanax temple
-EMERALD DOFUS (VIT) dropped by Dark Vlad in the forest
-DOFUSHU (Activate a special spell to the owner) after giving 1000 of something smile. You get a X number of these something  depending on your position in rotation of Ascension Island, When you get 1000 you can trade them for the egg.
More or less that's all in Dofus touch smile
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Thank you very much for that information mate
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thank you very much bro you are awesome
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