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Feedback: New Equipment

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - November 19, 2020, 10:30:14
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Hello everyone,

Please post your feedback here. 

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My observation: Fugitive set is too underpowered, ESPECIALLY the ring.

Brace yourselves for a wall of text.

First, we should note that my main is an omni (cha-str-agi) pushback masque, so I was extremely thrilled on the pushback-power set since its announcement some months ago, and later reveal in a youtube video a few days ago. This video showcased a very similar set to what is now on the beta, but it had an AP set bonus, the hat and ring had 400 vitality (which sounds like a lot for a ring, but hey, it didn't have any +damage besides the pushback, so that evens things out), and most importantly, the ring had an MP. This did sound very good, but not completely out of this world; spectral bandit ring does give an mp, and it is of a set comprised of hat+boot+ring, giving an AP bonus, so this did make some sense.

However, upon loggin into the beta i found this horrid set with an mp set bonus instead of ap, 250 vitality less and 100 power less (in total, with respect to the set showcased on the video) and a ring with no mp and stats resembling a rainbow blop set piece. I understand the video was never a final word, and probably mistaken, but this sudden jump of a very promising set to a set that I will never ever ever use in my life despite being the exact build targeted by this set (pushback+power -> omni+pushback builds) is very discouraging, so I have come here to try to break down why this take on the set was so bad, and how it can be fixed (hopefully) into something at the very least viable.

The main reason NOT to give AP set bonus to a high level set is if it is compatible with another set giving an ap set bonus, not only regarding the set pieces, but also regarding the elements (e.g., no one would ever mix Ava Taroun (agi) + Spectral Bandit (int) sets, so they are not really compatible).
The combination of hat+boot+ring (Fugitive set) can currently be mixed only with Ava Taroun (1) and with Glacial Set (2). We need to analyze this a little bit. If Boliche were an air attack, then (1) Fugitive+Ava Taroun would be a problem, as two compatible 200 sets with AP bonus targeting the same kind of abilities is not balanced. However, in the current state of things, there is no major pushback class with air+pushback attacks. Panda does have alcoholic breath, but it only works 2x per target and pushes 1 square, so this is not really a problem; eni does have pushback and air spells, but they are not over the top, and this could help make that build more viable. Also, a pure agility (not oriented on pushback) build would not take full advantage of Fugitive+Ava Taroun, as Fugitive lacks any +damages other than pushback, and this is very important for agi builds on the current meta (Sacrificial daggers is 3ap for two lines of damage). On the other hand, Fugitive+Glacial (2) is not a problem either, because Glacial set has mp set bonus. Conclusion 1: Fugitive set should have AP set bonus instead of MP set bonus.

Regarding individual set pieces:

-Fugitive hat (300vit, 60% power [60x0.8=48], 3 CH, 1 summon, 800ini, 10 dodge, 10 MP parry, 30 pushback, 10% fire res, plus a few things) should at least be as good as Shushuvereign Hat (400vit, 50 cha/agi, 2 Range, 12 water/air damage, 7 dodge, 25 pushback damage, 7% fire res, 7% air res) for water+pushback spells, or a little bit worse in any case (given that Fugitive targets all elements instead of just cha/agi). This is clearly not the case, Shushuvereign hat is much better right now, both in damage (25pushback+12water damage is better for boliche) and defenses (100 more vit, and more resis). The least that could be done is increase the vitality of Fugitive hat to 400. I would also call for better resis, but this is for the minimum viable set, not an OP thing.

-Fugitive Boots: 60 power [60x0.8=48] is a bit underwhelming accompanied with no +damage besides pushback damage, but this is OK-ish. Take Glacial Belt, Nocturnowl Belt, Tomahorse, Oshimo Amulet as comparison examples. All are better than Fugitive boots, but they are not part of a full pushback-oriented set, so this is understandable. Boots are fine.

-Fugitive ring (250 vit, 40 wis, 30% power, 15 prospecting, 10 dodge, 10 AP parry, 15 pushback damage, 7% earth res, 7% water res): This one takes the cake. This is an absolutely terrible ring. It gives a meager 30 [30x0.8=24] power and 15 pushback, and is essentially comparable to a Rainbow Blop Set piece in power and extra damage. A bearbaric wedding ring is MUCH better for a water/agi+pushback build than this ring in raw damage, and even more so when considering that pushback is situational damage: you don't deal it everytime, as you need a wall. And it even has better resistances. A Spectral Bandit Ring gives more damage to a fire attack (40 int, 15% power, 15 fire damage) than this ring does to a pushback attack, and it even has an extra MP. That being said, this ring has good AP parry, which spectral bandit has a penalty for. I may be inclined for this option due to the ring showcased on the youtube video, but I really think this ring could be fixed by making it similar to Spectral Bandit Ring. Perhaps reduce the AP parry to 5, to zero, or to some negative value (given that the main secondary ability of the set seems MP parry, not AP parry, putting the "Fugitive" in Fugitive set), but DO add that extra MP.

Tl;dr : In it's current state Fugitive set is NOT good for omni-pushback builds, which is the build the set is targeted for (power+pushback), and so it SHOULD be viable for them, or at least comparable to the alternatives out there. I argue that it should have an AP set bonus because it is NOT compatible with any other high-level set giving ap bonus, that the hat should at the very least have 400 vit (if not better resis too) to be slightly worse than other gear out there, and that the ring could be viable and not over-the-top by adding an mp and doing a balancing similar to spectral bandit ring.

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Kozaru Set feedback:

In my opinion, this set in general is not bad. The stats are very good, even when you compare the Dark Hul Necklace to the Abyss Necklace, considering the first one is part of a set, it doesn't seem like a big, big disadvantage. It gives good characteristics overall, taking on count that it doesn't posses a crazy malus or useless characteristics nobody wants/need.

Then, when does the problem come? Like usually, it comes when the most important part of it doesn't make sense... 
WHY is the set bonus MP? For starters, the only reason to want a strength set is to be able to reach 12/6, like it was suggested at first by me in the workshop topic, and supported by, what I consider to be a lot of people, not only in the forum, but in the game and in discord.

We just don't understand why the new sets give MP bonus. Have you seen anyone wearing the full Cycloid set? It offers a really interesting build, with interesting combo options... But oh, guess what. MP set bonus.

I don't see why anyone in the game would craft the Kozaru set when the only useful part, if wore alone, is the weapon. If you were only gonna release a good weapon then you might as well just change the set all together to a different build, I don't think anyone that knows how to play would wear this on their character when they can wear a Professor Xa's Cloak that gives AP, or an Inky Veil and AP trophy, which in the end will give you way better stats and the possibility to wear the Abyss Necklace. It leaves you 12/5, same as with this (for now) useless set, and allows you to use better gear.

I'd really consider this suggestion because trust me, in few months you will have people complaining or again asking for new earth sets for one simple reason: you didn't meet the requirements people ask for in the beggining. When you don't do something right in the first place, you need to redo it a couple times... In a massive game it won't be as easy, it might just end up in a loss of players and a monotonous environment like it currently is, where some builds are clearly more privileged, therefore, more common than others.

ALSO just a final parenthesis:
What is the problem of releasing a set that is compatible with another? ((Ava Taroun+Allister - Danathor+Ourobubble - Treadfast+Bearb - Bearb+10 other sets)) and the list goes on and on...
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 ALSO just a final parenthesis:
What is the problem of releasing a set that is compatible with another? ((Ava Taroun+Allister - Danathor+Ourobubble - Treadfast+Bearb - Bearb+10 other sets)) and the list goes on and on...

Danathor + Ourobubble = Broucey + Abyssal Set, just saying...
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