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Recipe Changes in the Pandala Update

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - December 04, 2020, 10:00:00
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Hello everyone!

Some item recipes will be modified during the Pandala update. These changes will not be reflected in the current beta. 

We would like to inform you in advance to avoid surprises come patch day. Remember to review the recipes when updating.

Most of these modifications are made in order to have more consistency (for example an object typed "Kwismas" will have resources from the dedicated area in its recipe).

Here is the list of items that will be affected:

  • Redolph Saddlebag
  • Redolph Headgear
  • Redolph Halter
  • Redolph Hooves
  • Drasmuty Belt
  • Apprentice Summoner Boots
  • Crocodyl Chief Sharp Slippers
  • Coco Bloopts
  • Indigo Bloopts
  • Pippin Bloopts
  • Morello Cherry Bloopts
  • Arkastone Ring
  • Boowolf Ring
  • Crocodyl Chief Amulet
  • Crocodyl Chief Bracelet
  • Crocodyl Chief Belt
  • Crocodyl Chief Headgear
  • Crocodyl Chief Schoolbag
  • Crocodyl Chief Blade
  • Wa Wobot Belt
  • Wa Wobot Crown
  • Wa Wobot Cloak
  • Candy Floss Cloak
  • Pocket Razor
  • Inyobcognito Fake Beard
  • Vulkanian Hat
  • Perfect Little Vulkanian Backpack
  • Vulkanian Boots
  • Vulkanian Ring
  • Vulkanian Bracelet
  • Kaiser
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Hello everyone,

The Larvamulete recipe will also be modified.