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Beta Changelog - 7 June

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - June 07, 2019, 05:42:56

City of Orado

  • Added a visual on the MP removal of the Crokveeno monster's Conflictionery spell.
  • Corrected the recipes of the Crocodyl meat ** and *** recipes.
  • Reduced the experience gained on the Scale King.
  • Added combat animations for some Stubbyobs.
  • The quest book of the Nimbos questline no longer freezes the game.
  • Fixed the spell for summoning Feathodyl.
  • Reduced the damage caused by Feathodyl and its summon.
  • It is now possible to leave Crocuzko Island without having to use a teleportation potion.
  • Missing spell added for the Domoizelle monster.


  • Added effect 61 to 80 Chance on King Allister's Scepter.
  • Corrected the Neutral Damage on Scale King's Scalp.
  • Fixed Meno's set bonus when two items are equipped.
  • The craft of the Seabed Sandals is displayed correctly.
  • Deep Sea Set
    • Increased the Chance and Wisdom stats on the Mask.
    • Increased the %Resistance effect and updated the Neutral effect to %Earth.
  • Practi Cape
    • Increased the damage.
    • Added a summon.
  • Remove the AP restriction on the Treasure Hunter boots.
  • The critical hit chance of the Sacrificial Daggers has been updated to 1/40.
  • Modified the %Resistance effect on the Shorpoon.
  • Corrected the Drheller set bonus.
  • Increased the Vitality and Strength of the Looter set bonus.
  • Day'inda Knife
    • The knife is no longer part of the Berserker Bworker Set.
    • The equip condition has been removed.
  • The Berserker Bworker Set bonus is now gained with 3 pieces. The amount of Intelligence and Chance obtained has been slightly decreased.


  • In the Professions interface, the search function works correctly for all professions.
  • Moving from one profession to another in the Professions interface correctly displays the recipes.
  • Recipes remain saved when closing and reopening the interface.
  • Added Spell Scrolls to the Beta NPC available in [-2,0].
  • Corrected the Piraniak used in the Home Potion recipe.
  • Adjusted the size of characters using a Youth Potion.
  • Updated the recipe for the Fungus Dungeon Key.
  • It is now possible to leave the new PvP maps in the Hall of the Valiant zone.