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Update 1.43 Feedback - Enutrof

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - July 15, 2019, 13:16:33

Hello everyone,

Please post your feedback here.

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[I have not played the beta yet so my discussion is based off the written devlog. I know it might be long to read this, please do.]

I don’t like the fact that other characters excel in their roles and the enutrof doesn’t. For example a iop is a hitter and never fails to deliver hard hits; a eni is a healer and does wonderful on the field; a sram is an assassin with amazing hitter power.

Now Enu are mostly treasure hunters but the amount of times a potentially good item drops and goes to someone else that isn’t an enu, makes me think I am probably capable of handling Mizz Freeze or Pirate dung on my own.

This is why I hoped for a potential change in terms of maybe making our hits harder, removing global cast of chest(or limiting the amount of chest that can be placed in one fight to maybe 3), making ghostly shovel back to two use per target or reducing the cool down on bribe spell...

We can’t do much against most of the other characters who can manage around limiting our debuffs from mp reduction to hitting hard and not enough to remove our living bag buffs to also fighting in pvp(unless I have no hope in enu), and if we win, I am sure it has to do with luck.

That devlog let’s me know that ankama have considered enutrof character and found no issues for them to not make many changes towards it.

The suggested improvements for the enutrof is making the spell ‘Pull Out’ unable to be de-buffed, there goes one of our less used, useful spell nerfed. Perhaps it was needed. And bribe making enemies that it’s used on invulnerable for one turn, but I guess that can be unbewitched so I could just turn away from that change. Thank you for your time.

Signed: Formz - Enutrof - 200 - Dodge

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global cast of chest is to prevent bot abuse i think
what they should do is give bonus pack boost to chest as an extension of the character
but i agree, the way it is now, enu is unplayable. bribery is dead, pull out is dead. those two were important pve spells that made enus useful in stuff like frig 3. at least give us something, otherwise we're going to see massive amounts of enus quitting because their character is useless now

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Please change the point cost Enutrofs pay to increase their charactistics, especially chance and strength. The cost should be the same that other classes pay for their main characteristics: 1 point per characteristic point <100, 2 points per characteristic point <200, 3 points per characteristic point <300, 4 points per characteristic point <400. This is only fair, and should be done for every class in their main characteristics. I am disappointed to see that this has not been changed in this beta. Thank you for your attention.

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Buenas, con respecto al Feka me parece que sigue siendo un personaje sin mucha estrategia. Sería de mucho agrado que eliminaran las armaduras de cada elemento y colocaran 1 para todas y ya. Eso aumentaría el número de hechizos para usar y lo haría más elegante. Es un personaje olvidado y me parece injusto que otras clases (aniripsas, osamodas) puedan utilizar variantes de su función principal: "proteger" osea disminución de daños. También cual es el sentido de este personaje si nadie siquiera utilizan los glifos por que cualquier otro hechizo pega mejor y salirse de allí es lo más fácil de mundo. El glifo de repulsión esta muy bién bastante daño en una zona corta, pero solo Dios sabe como un enemigo se vas a quedar allí parado. Instalen ataques de agilidad para así poder placar. Esto haría que el personaje fuera más dinámico, con mayor estratégia, más divertido de usar y se podría ver más en el juego.

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La nueva reforma del Anutrof va en desmedró completamente de la raza! 
Deberán compensar o los Anutrof dejaremos de jugar. 


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