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Beta Patch #1

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - July 25, 2019, 09:40:31
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Before getting started, we'd like to thank everyone that's played the game and offered arguments to support their ideas. We hope you keep this momentum going!

As of the writing of this post, all feedback from July 17 in this forum section has been examined by Ankama, and here we'll mainly be responding to those particular comments. What we've written takes up plenty of space already, as you'll see! We will certainly do the same for the remaining feedback.

Please be aware, however, that our primary goal is to make the beta work properly in terms of gameplay mechanics. Priority is therefore being given to bugs for now, and we'll be able to focus more on your feedback once basic issues have been fixed.

We'll first present bug fixes and changes made, and then devote the entire next section to responding to several debates from the forums.

Bug Fixes and Changes


• Damage dealt by Summons to targets with the Tracked state is no longer diminished.
• The description of the spell "Favouritism" has been corrected.
• The Gobball's base Lock has been reduced.
• The Lock acquired from the Gobball has been lowered from 50 to 30%. As a reminder, the 30% is relative to the Osamodas's total Lock, including from equipment.
• The HP lost by the Koalak Mummy when the spell "Healing Bandage" is used is now correct.
• When a Summon is killed while under the effect of Favouritism and then revived, the Favouritism state will be removed.
• When several Osamodas are in the same party, the spell "Communion" only affects the caster's Summons.
• When an Osamodas whips an ally Osamodas's Summon, they no longer collect its AP.


• Healing done by Trees via the Inflatable will no longer be applied to the Tree itself or to adjacent Trees.
• The description of the spell "Tree of Life" has been corrected.
• Trees now appear in the timeline.
• Whenever a Tree is summoned, it destroys all other Trees in a 3-cell radius. We prefer this solution to limiting the number of Trees. This also prevents the Sadida from blocking a certain part of the battlefield, or a player.
• The spell "Compost" now reduces the Tree's recast time by 1 instead of resetting it to 0.


• Class rings disable line of sight, not straight-line casting.


• The description of the spell "Bribery" has been corrected.
• The Pacifist state from the spell "Bribery" now works properly.


• The effects of the spell "Aggressive Glyph" work properly.
• The increased close-combat damage applied by this glyph has been lowered from 30 to 20%.
• Maximum stacking for the AP reduction effect applied by the spell "Blindness" is now 1. If a second reduction effect is applied, it replaces the previous one.
• The number of casts per turn for Blindness is now 2.


• Numbing Arrow now reduces the correct amount of damage dealt by opponents (10% instead of 90%). Damage suffered by allies is now correctly reduced as well.


• The Out of Phase state lasts 2 turns.

Responses to Debates


"Why is the Water path the only one that doesn't get two Summons?"

We believe a single Summon for the Water path is balanced to the extent that this path is supposed to offer higher damage and boosts than the other paths. If this isn't the case yet, it's simply a matter of making adjustments down the line! We're counting on your feedback to balance this all out.

"Osamodas are completely different now; they're just damage dealers."

The Osamodas is a summoner class, and this aspect is still very much present. However, we believe this class has become more dynamic and strategic.

Osamodas still also provide excellent support to their allies: They can manage movement, apply buffs and debuffs, heal allies, and so on. This is far from being a class that only applies tons of damage to enemies.


"Compared to the other two elements, the Sram's Fire path has become too strong for network mechanics."

This is intentional and is mentioned in the changelog, specifically:

• Fire path: networks of traps and movements
• Air path: poisons
• Earth path: raw damage and damage traps

"The Air path isn't flexible enough, with spells that can only be cast in a line."

The new Epidemic poison isn't restricted to being cast in a line. Otherwise, we believe this is compensated by damage dealing that is more than fair, as well as the option to cast poisons while invisible.

"Why are Srams getting debuffs?"

We'd like to give Srams more options when grouping up with other players. Nevertheless, we think the characteristics of this spell (recast time, etc.) are balanced enough to avoid potential overuse. Feel free to make your case in the appropriate forum thread if you disagree.


"Why aren't you tweaking this class more?"

We've already done considerable work for this update, and we simply can't make extensive changes to all classes at once. Besides, this wouldn't be the most ideal way to properly make adjustments and balance everything.

"The effects, range, etc. for Numbing Arrow are too weak."

Now that this spell has been fixed, please retest it and then give us new feedback.

"Numbing Arrow should be limited to one cast per turn, making Cras the protector class."

We believe the 2-AP bonus is more practical for grouping up than a spell that could constantly turn the tide of the fight.

"Why not bring back Poisoned Arrow and offer Numbing Arrow as a substitute for Critical Shooting, which is useless?"

Critical Shooting is only worthless for players who are optimized at a minimum, which certainly doesn't apply to everyone. Also, we think the Earth Cra's attack strength is just as high even without Poisoned Arrow.

"Why not give Cras erosion? All raw-damage-based classes have some."

We're considering this possibility, but not in this class's current state. And as mentioned above, we're unable to make more extensive changes to Cras for the time being.

"Explosive Arrow's range has been lowered too much."

This is completely deliberate, and so for now, we can't accept solutions proposing to raise it again. Some players want us to offset this by putting the spell's AP cost at 5, but this wouldn't be ideal for all level groups.

Please note that the spell's fixed range makes it immune to range reduction effects applied by enemies.


Based on your feedback regarding Picada and Retention, we're considering the following changes:

• Apply a fixed range to all spells in the Cowardly path
• Tweak the base range of affected spells to prevent overuse

We'll get back to you sometime this summer in terms of what we decide to do.


"Doll Knowledge is worthless as is […] Dolls' basic resistances are already adequate."

We agree this issue should be looked at and the spell should be changed!


"Furnace should attract, not repel; it goes against how Fecas are supposed to work, which is to keep enemies in their glyph."

You could use this same logic to argue that repelling enemies allows you to position them in the glyph.

"Escapade isn't useful enough in solo gameplay, and not even in PvP either. Why don't you increase its damage?"

We disagree and think this glyph can be used to get the Feca and their allies out of dire situations. In our opinion, it's useful enough not to require increased damage (for either PvM or PvP).

"This glyph can be easily countered with a large number of units inside it."

We're not sure what you mean by this; if you have more details, please share them.

"The Escapade glyph is too big for the buff it provides. Like many others have said, this can quickly become very disabling."

We've noticed this as well, and we'll most likely change it.

"The Glyph of Blindness can't be cast every turn like Ecaramel's video showed."

The recast time proposed in the beta is the one we'd like to apply.

"Barrier doesn't reduce as much damage suffered by allies as it used to; that's a problem."

This counterbalance seems logical to us, because now you can use a single spell (compared to 4 previously) to protect you and your allies against all the elements.

"Fecas have become more damage-based, and less protection-based as a result."

We believe Fecas still have many spells to play the role of protector. This includes Bastion, Barricade, Ataraxia, Reinforced Protection, Heroism, Feca's Shield, etc. Other spells can also be used to save your teammates' skin, like the new Escapade glyph.


"Bribery now gives the advantage to enemies, so isn't useful anymore."

While Bribery is indeed less "powerful" (which was the goal), it can still be used to interfere with an opponent's strategy, for example on a turn of Iop's Wrath.

However, we'll continue listening to your comments about this.


"We were expecting the gameplay to be completely revamped."

The response for Cras (and Sacriers) applies here as well: We're not satisfied with Xelors as they are, but there was no way to implement more significant changes at this time. Many, many other things have been balanced or adjusted in this update.

"The Dial hits allies; I still don't get this."

We aren't opposed to modifying how this works.

"Why does the Dial use Agility, the Xelor's least important stat?"

Find the answer in the question! Also in two questions above.

"The Dial's teleportation effect applied by giving AP isn't ideal."

It isn't technically possible to do this through an AP reduction, as some have suggested. For the time being, we don't have an alternative solution that we'd find satisfactory.


"What are your objectives with the moveable turrets?"

As some have rightly guessed:

- Prevent "prisons" in PvP (causing a player to be stuck between X turrets)
- Enable Foggernauts and their allies to position turrets based on how the fight is progressing

"Moving turrets around is fine, but they take damage every time you do!"

Yep, this is a problem! We'll remove the damage dealt when Steamers move their turrets.

"Turrets shouldn't be able to be carried or thrown by Pandawas, or taken by Sacriers."

This is already the case; they have the Heavy state.

"You can't use the spell 'Tide' to trade places with a turret."

This is as it should be; that spell was never meant to be used to trade places with anything other than a character.

Possible Changes to Turrets

We've seen some interesting suggestions related to turrets, but for now, they unfortunately won't be easy to implement from a technical standpoint.

"Harpooners should directly hit the priority element."

This is something we'd like as well, but it will have to wait! In other words, it won't be in this update.