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Beta Patch #3

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - July 31, 2019, 17:57:09
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The beta was updated this morning; learn about all the changes in this new changelog! We took this opportunity to offer new responses to all the debates around these balancing efforts.

Remember that none of this is set in stone, and that we'll continue to monitor your feedback in this dedicated forum section.



  • Minimum range is now 2 (down from 3)
  • Maximum range is now 5 (up from 4)
  • Damage and effects are no longer applied to allies
  • Now limited to 3 casts per turn

  • Minimum range is now 2 (down from 5)


Glyph of Blindness:
  • The glyph is larger in size
  • Straight-line casting no longer required

Cloudy Attack:
  • Area-of-effect damage has been added
  • Characteristics steal has been reduced
  • Effects are no longer applied to allies

  • The spell only provides a single line of protection (halfway between the initial values), the same one for the caster and their allies

Reinforced Protection:
  • AP cost is now 1 (down from 2)
  • Now limited to 2 uses per turn
  • The spell's description has been modified

  • The resistance bonus has been increased: 10/12/14/16/18/20
  • Weaknesses applied to the caster for each ally affected has been increased to 8%


  • Damage has been reduced
  • Range has been increased by 1


Doll Knowledge:
  • Range at level 1 is now 3 (down from 5)

 Bush Fire:
  • Damage has been reduced

 Dolly Sacrifice:
  • In addition to the health steal effect, it now applies an area of healing around the target for up to 30% of damage inflicted. This won't heal the Sadida or their Summons.

  • The Inflatable's healing no longer decreases the farther away the target is


  • When cast on the Dial, Frostbite now triggers damage and teleports the Dial. The spell no longer inflicts damage on the Dial
  • The AP cost is now 2 (down from 3)

  • When cast on the Dial, Shrivelling now counters damage in a 3-cell cross around the Dial. The spell no longer inflicts damage on the Dial
  • AP is no longer granted to Air spells

  • The Dial no longer casts Imbroglio on itself.


  • The Pacifist state has been replaced by the Bribery state: prevents the use of spells and close combat


  • Substitution now correctly removes the effects of Favouritism


Numbing Arrow:
  • Spell reduction effects now increase with the spell's level (20% at level 6)



"Now that the MP reduction effect for Wild Grass is shown in the timeline, along with the AP reduction for the Madoll, it would be useful to have all effects that can't be unbewitched indicated as such in the timeline."

This request has been passed along to the developers.

Now that a limit has been imposed, Summoning spells should be greyed out once the maximum number of Summons available through items has been reached."

As a rule, this is already the case in the beta.

"If there's going to be a limit, why not have an actually restrictive limit, like a max of 4-5 Summons. Usually if you have 6 Summons on the map, you've already won.
Otherwise, if it stays the same, you really shouldn't restore spells that provide bonus Summons or a Summoning trophy."

As of now, we don't plan to bring back spells of this kind. A Summoning trophy isn't in the cards, either. But if this were true at some point, it wouldn't allow the limit of 6 to be exceeded, which is already the case for Range.

Straight-Line Healing Weapons

"With this nerf, considering the straight-line casting limit for Archetypal Bow, for example, every party will have an Eniripsa again. Alternative healers don't come close to matching Eniripsas right now."

Most of those alternative healing classes have rightly been boosted as part of these balancing changes.

"Archetypal Bow should be nerfed. Straight-line casting, on the other hand, is too restrictive."

We don't intend to completely reverse this change to healing weapons. However, we may consider loosening these new restrictions. Stay tuned!

Frigost 3 Pairings

Some VHL players are worried about changes to pairing-related achievements with Frigost 3. Let's take a specific example observed on Oshimo: a Sram paired with a Cra.

These players completed the achievements by focusing on healing only with the Klime and Count Harebourg, the Cra supporting the Sram with Archetypal Bow.

If the change to healing weapons means they can no longer succeed with these pairings, we believe that each could complete them with a different partner.

The goal isn't for all pairings in the game to be able to complete all of these achievements. Rather, each class is meant to be able to find another class to pair up with to complete them, thus making it so no class is completely blocked.

And if this is the case, the problem isn't with Archetypal Bow per se, but rather with flaws related to one or more of the classes that need to be remedied.

More Feedback and Testing

We're planning to host one or more events during this beta to do better testing and properly judge this change in the field.


"AP reduction with Haziness makes sense, but what's the point of inventing a state to reduce the problem? Why not make an actual change to the spell?"

We like how the spell works as is, and we don't see an issue with adding a state to prevent abuse.


"I don't understand the value of Tracking. I think this spell should be replaced by a Summon (which is sorely needed). Currently in PvP, Summons attack enemies based on their weaknesses (Gobballs go after Neutral weaknesses, Fire Wyrmling, etc.); why not leave this system alone? I think that makes more sense than Tracking."

The Tracking state seems useful to us for both PvM (for the Elitist challenge, for example, or simply with a focus on a single unique monster with allies) and for PvP (similarly, when a focus is applied to the same opponent).

Also, this state is triggered by a single spell; otherwise, this will remain the same.

"The Communion spell gives a 2 AP bonus to all Summons… That's where I have a problem; why 2 AP? What's the point of the spell? I purposely raised the base AP of each Summon and their spell costs to show that the bonus AP is totally worthless for Summons, apart from the Red Wyrmling, but that one can only hit a target with its spell one time."

Communion can allow Summons to perform 2 hits with a "smaller Favouritism" and this can also be useful with Symbiosis.

"It also seems like Osamodas are currently much weaker in a group than they were before… They used to offer extra value in PvM or the Kolossium with their boosts, but now Osamodas are essentially playing solo when in a party, unable to synergize with others."

But they can synergize with their allies! Feline Movement to provide extra MP, Favouritism for AP, various heals/boosts through spells like Martyr, Substitution, or Bestial Heal… In other words, there's plenty you can do!

It's a bit more deliberate than before, that's exactly the point of this revamp.

"Personally, the new heal is really hard to use in the Kolossium. For example, Bestial Heal requires 4 AP (to summon) + 3 AP to cast the spell = 7 AP to heal 500/600. That amount of damage can be done by any class for 4 or 5 AP, so it's not very cost-effective."

Remember that this is an area-of-effect heal and is proportional to the sacrificed Summon's health points.


"Normally when playing a Cra, you avoid taking damage by using various spells to manage enemies from a distance; you're not really trying to reduce the opponent's damage with a utility spell… The idea of a DPS using 2 AP to "protect" their allies makes no sense. When I see that a boosted Iop can slam their Concentrations at 700 for 2 AP, when I'm supposed to be long-range DPS, everyone's going to wait impatiently for my turn for me to… protect an ally for 10% of damage taken."

The values of Numbing Arrow are not final and have been changed again this morning (see above). It's important not to overestimate this new spell, which will eventually find its place in PvM and PvP.

The Iop is indeed a DPS class but also has utility spells!


"It would've been nice to reassess the healing done by the Barrel while lowering its AP hit. Now there's no contest between using Boozer and carrying the Barrel (25-30% resistances and a max of 150-200 healing). Why not change the heal to %HP given to compensate a little for the nerfed healing weapons and offer a real alternative to Boozer at the end of the turn (or even increase the area of effect a little?)?"

We won't increase the healing done by the Barrel simply because this spell can be used in another way that's quite appealing in itself.


"Applying a debuff spell when you're eroding/stealing stats/poisons is completely COUNTER to gameplay."

Indeed, and this is intentional, as the Sram's debuff options are very advantageous by default. The "investment" or sacrifice required must be minimally consequential.