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Beta Patch #4

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - August 06, 2019, 18:48:02

The next beta patch won't be implemented until mid-August. This will be the last possible big patch, so we're counting on you to continue testing the beta and giving as much feedback as you can in the proper forum section!

In the meantime, here are the planned upcoming changes, and a few responses to your forum comments. This list isn't final, and we'll keep monitoring your feedback.

Changes Envisaged


  • Lower the Inflatable's heal values, but spread over the entire map and no longer 8 cells from the doll.
  • Prevent Tree movement entirely.
  • Remove Trees from the timeline.


  • Fix the Boar's spell under Symbiosa that applied the Gravity state even on targets that did not suffer pushback damage.
  • Add the fact that the Boar can move allies.
  • Correct the Favouritism spell description.
  • Check whether Koalak Healing is digressive and fix it if necessary (it shouldn't be).


  • Considerably lower the damage from the Backlash spell.
  • Show the Reinforced Protection spell's bonuses in the tooltip when hovering over the character.
  • Correct the display of the Cloudy Attack spell's area of effect.


  • Considerably increase Sap Trap damage.
  • Increase Mass Trap damage at spell level 6 to make it more interesting at very high levels.
  • Fix the display of poison effects.

Responses to Comments


"What worries me is that it's not easy to evaluate balancing, even with the beta, and Ankama won't readjust the classes again for two years."

We will allow ourselves to make occasional tweeks if they are really necessary.

"About the future Osamodas revamp, I saw that the number of Summons will now be limited to 6, like Range. I'd like to know if this limit is also present in smithmagic, like an AP/MP/Range exo."

That's not planned right now, but in any case, if the situation stays the same, it won't be possible to exceed the bonus of 6.


"About the Sap Trap spell, I think it has too many constraints, and I don't think it's very interesting in terms of damage. It would have to go to 2 AP to be really interesting if you keep the constraints."

We are not in favor of changing the spell to 2 AP, but rather we're for increasing its damage considerably, as you can see above.

Beyond that, we remind you again that it is entirely deliberate that the spell has a lot of constraints on its use, but we believe players will be able to make good use of it that way.

"The Deviousness spell's damage, Range, etc. are much weaker than the Sadida Bramble spell's and that's not normal."

It's not relevant to compare 2 spells like that out of the context of their classes. Srams have other advantages that Sadidas don't have. To each their own advantages and disadvantages.

It wouldn't be logical to make all attacks cost the same amount of AP with the same damage and same Range, etc. without paying attention to what each class also has in their panel.

"Mass Trap: low damage, small area of effect. This spell is problematic."

We agree, especially for very high level players. See the changes envisaged above!

"The class's direct damage is really too low and really needs to be increased (see Deviousness, Scam, Tricky Blow, etc. with very weak damage lines)."

You need to be careful with Sram damage because Srams can often play while being invisible, which is a definite advantage. Srams can weaken others with poisons and traps before becoming visible to attack with the spells you mention.

Along the same lines, giving Srams the role of "sneaky one-shoters who get killed when they miss" would make it impossible for them to be viable in VHL PvM and still stay balanced in PvP and vice versa.

We'd rather go with Srams who weaken before they can kill their targets.

"Mistake spell: suggest a switch to three damage lines, Earth/Air/Fire, with 12 to 15 damage, for example."

How the spell currently works suits us very well, especially since the Fire path already has a characteristics steal. As for erosion, we don't want to add it to the Fire Sram panel.

"Trap of Silence: same thing; it is too strong, notably in PvP. The trap needs to be avoidable. See the area of effect in DOFUS."

We don't dislike the idea of using the area of effect used on PC, but it isn't a priority at the moment.


"The Gobball doesn't offer good synergy with the Water path."

As already explained, only offering one Summons for the Water path is a deliberate choice. This allows for greater damage and boosts elsewhere, which can benefit all allies (players and Summons alike).

For these reasons, low-level Osamodas can indeed be played in Water mode, either solo to complete Incarnam, Astrub, etc. or later to complete dungeons with friends.

At higher levels, playing in two- or three-element mode will certainly be more effective to take full advantage of Osamodas' advantages.

To get back the Gobball, this Summons can indeed allow synergies with Water path spells. For example, they can block opponents while the Osamodas increases damage via Lashing Claw (and don't forget that Osamodas can also boost themselves with Tumult, among other things).

The Gobball can also be a true threat via other boost spells, including Favouritism.

We would possibly not be against removing the inherited Lock in exchange for base Lock and increasing damage or the proportion of inherited Chance/Water damage.

"Osamodas' positioning capacities are not optimal. Using their Summons under Symbiosa for positioning is a huge constraint that puts Osamodas in danger."

As explained in the devblog on the revamp of that class, it is quite deliberate that Osamodas take a real role in combat, and it is also for that reason that they now have several ways to flee close combat. Osamodas can always play from behind, but doing so would be wasting huge potential.

"This Osa's positioning capacities are good for an Osa, but weak compared to other positioners in the game."

Our response is mostly the same as the one we gave to the comparison between Deviousness and Bramble. Osamodas have other advantages compared to Pandawas, for example, notably via the Summons they can temporarily control to unlock a powerful spell. That's just one example among many.

"Whip deserves to be stackable two times; reducing final damage by 5% is useless, 10% would be better."

This spell's Range is more than suitable, and the spell does not cost a lot of AP; in our opinion, that makes it a very balanced and versatile spell.

"No allies stay close to avoid area-of-effect damage, so the 2 Range boosts are impossible to use."

Most of these spells have a large enough area-of-effect to avoid area-of-effect damage with good placement, notably if there are 3 (or more) of you on your team. In addition, the proposed effects are consequential enough to justify this constraint.

Also note that it is more common to have close combat in PvM, which makes these spells even more usable.

"The support spells' Range is too limited and difficult to exploit properly."

As indicated in the previous response, these spells have a big impact, which explains their Range. And, once again, it is a deliberate choice that Osamodas take a real role in combat rather than systematically staying at the edge of the map.

"The Communion spell is illogical and the 2 AP gained are useless."

We would correct that to say "are useless most of the time." Indeed, this bonus is admittedly very situational. Increasing this bonus to allow Summons to systematically strike twice would be way too strong. In the current state of affairs, it's a difficult combo to use, but it is a bonus that does not penalize Osamodas – quite the opposite.


"Instead of reducing the Fire path, Fecas' Earth path should seriously be reduced and characteristics steals no longer have any place in this class."

We do not want to revamp characteristics thefts; however, as indicated in the envisaged modifications, we are going to look at the question of the Backlash spell.

"The new Blinding Glyph is a huge disappointment! 6 fixed Range is really a very bad change, it should just be left in line with modifiable Range."

We don't understand what you mean since the glyph already had fixed Range, but could only be used in line. So, the change here was simply a buff, and not in any way a nerf.

"For glyphs, shore up the protection role by combining it with map control with bonuses for allies present on glyphs."

Allies already don't take any damage from these glyphs; adding bonuses would be much too powerful in our opinion.


"Lowering the Block's Lock literally makes her less useful. Why not add a spell so that she can have a less passive role?"

The Lock reduction is still rather minimal, and the Block has received increased Vitality with this round of balancing. We believe she is sufficient as she is.

"With this superb update that revives interactions between Summons and the Sadida, I suggest taking things a bit further. Why not envisage special effects on dolls and trees with our spells that are cast in a straight line?"

We feel that Sadidas are already complete enough as they are, and can find a better place in-game with all these changes.


"Next, the class is very prized by players in part for its mobility, but Ecaflips don't have any spells that let them un-lock, and the equipment available does not provide enough Dodge. The Feline Spirit spell should systematically teleport an entity or something like that."

We don't have anything against that option, but it isn't technically possible right now. And putting back the Feline Leap that teleports directly as some have suggested doesn't suit us. Stay tuned!

"Ecaflip Fortune: The spell reduces damage suffered by 25% the first turn, on the second turn 50% more damage is suffered and the character is made unhealable or the spell prevents Repercussion from being used on the target. This is a real constraint on using the spell."

If we did have to change this spell, it would work in exactly the same way as in DOFUS to avoid collateral damage, given that the beta is already well underway. Specifically: It would halve damage suffered for 1 turn. On the next turn, damage suffered would be increased by 50%.

Would that suit you? We would like your feedback on this point!

"The change in Power will make Ecaflips useless."

This verdict seems premature to us, and we are waiting for the tests in the beta once the change is available, sometime in the next few days.

Until then and admitting this change, we're trying to study coherent proposals.