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Beta Patch #5

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - August 07, 2019, 17:07:46

As a reminder, the next beta patch won't be ready until mid-August. This will be the last possible big patch, so we're counting on you to continue testing the beta and giving as much feedback as you can in the dedicated forum section!

In the meantime, here are the upcoming changes planned, as well as a few responses to your forum discussions. This list isn't final, as we'll continue monitoring your feedback.

New Changes Planned

In addition to those already discussed here


  • The effects of Ataraxia are now removed by start-of-turn and end-of-turn poisons.

Pets and Petsmounts

  • Power-based pets and petsmounts will gain +20 Power. The Karmeleon's Power, for example, will increase from 50 to 70.

Responses to Discussions


"You should/shouldn't limit how many Summoning exos a character can have."

For now, we don't want to limit Summoning exos to 1. To sort of split the difference, we might consider limiting them to 2. What do you think of this solution?

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"Summons don't end their turns; this is a problem."

They don't end their turns at all, or they play but don't end their turns afterward?

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"One idea that's been suggested by several Masqueraider players is to set Shield Points according to the Masqueraider's level in order to focus on elemental characteristics."

We've been considering doing this for a while, but it's not technically feasible for now. So you'll have to wait a bit longer for this change, but know that we'd really like to implement it.

"Personally, I think the other changes aren't bad and would improve the Air element, but Capering should be increased (relative to the Gravity state, or add erosion, etc.). Since the boosts to Power aren't as useful as the boosts to Damage from the spells Furia and Boliche."

We plan to increase the Power gain provided by this spell (and not only compensate it by modifying the Power characteristic).

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"I'm an Earth/Water Sadida, so the Tree/Tremor pairing won't be very useful for me. Don't the other paths not benefit much from Trees by comparison?"

Each path can interact with Trees:
  • Fire: Tremor
  • Earth: Poisoned Wind
  • Water: Dolly Sacrifice

Besides, Tremor doesn't cost much AP, and so is still strategically useful for any path. Only the damage line will be weakened.

"I mostly do PvM, and the Madoll and Ultra-Powerful aren't useful for me. For example, the Ultra-Powerful only removes 1 MP, or very rarely 2 MP."

The Ultra-Powerful can be combined with your other binding spells.

It's perfectly normal if you can't end your turn having done as much damage as possible to an opponent while also removing all their MP, for example.

"Trees don't block much; they don't survive long enough to get in the way."

Trees only cost 2 AP; as long as the opponent is using more to destroy them, we think there's a clear hindrance and they're cost-effective for Sadidas.

"Although Sadidas are getting a real boost in PvP, they're still not very useful in PvM; they don't have any special aspects compared to other classes."

But the updated Sadida does have several aspects that are more exploitable now: healing, binding, and penalties, as well as the potential for increased damage.

"The nerf to Bush Fire really affected me. On a Poutch and since Patch #3, I do 250 damage with Bush Fire on a Dopple at 18%. Is it really that OP?!"

One thing's for sure: We like the spell in its current form! It's a nice 3-AP spell with pretty minor restrictions.

"Dolly Sacrifice costs an extra AP for a gain of 1 Range; the older version was much more useful. A little more damage would be nice."

We'd rather not increase this spell's damage, and so it has a new passive to offset this choice.

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"As far as the change to Power, what do I do with the scrolls I acquired (which took me forever, not to mention the kamas I spent), which will be useless to me? My 100 Intelligence is great if I'm playing Strength or Agility/Strength…"

Your scrolls won't be wasted; quite the opposite, as they'll only increase in value, especially for players who haven't acquired them yet.

"Change to Power: Would you say the spells available to Ecaflips are mostly suited to multi-element mode? We know in advance the damage your change will do to this class, especially the imbalance between single-element and multi-element."

This is partly the goal of this change. It makes perfect sense for a jack-of-all-trades kind of player to be less effective in each path than a player that specializes in one path.

That said, we don't think all Ecaflips will go full Earth; the change won't have a strong enough impact to cause that. Nor even to toss out Rudolf or Treadfast equipment, for example. The class can't be reduced to Rekop or Bluff (which are powerful enough by default).

But once again, you'll have plenty of time to test all this out once the change is applied to the beta in a few days.

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"Lowering the damage caused by Backlash is a good thing, to the extent this doesn't nerf axes (the spell only remains straight-line for 1-4 Range)."

This won't nerf axes!

"However, the damage from Natural Attack should really be raised; it has nearly 10 less base damage than Bubble, which may be more flexible, but 4-5 extra base damage seems appropriate to me."

We don't agree with increasing this spell's damage, as it can be used to weaken an opponent, but also to increase the Feca's damage by stealing the Intelligence characteristic.

"Barrier is too weak in reductions (look at those for Preventing Word or Mummification)."

Preventing Word and Mummification are single-target, so they are not comparable.

"Once Barrier and Feca Shield are debuffed, there won't be anything left to protect yourself or your allies."

Heroism will remain, which itself is offset with Bastion, Barricade, Ataraxia, etc. The Feca still has a wide enough range of protective measures.

The spell doesn't cost much AP, has a short recast time, and can be applied to several characters. Bearing in mind that there are no area debuffs and that the opponent must debuff the Feca and their allies one by one.

"Feca's Shield: the cooldown is way too long (compare it to Pandas, Boozer, and Bamboo Milk!)."

Fecas don't lose any MP and aren't deprived of some of their spells, unlike Pandas.

"Leveling the spell past level 3 or 4 and the 30% is pointless (20/30% of base can be reached using equipment, and you can't go past 50%)."

This depends on player optimization, but it certainly isn't true for all Fecas.

"Why keep the blank turn for Burning Glyph? It's a fixed area, which is restrictive enough to justify keeping it until cooldown, isn't it?"

The AP cost is low for damage that's more than fair, which justifies this blank turn.

"Escape Glyph: if I'm ever in melee combat, I cast the glyph to get away, right? At 6 MP? For the same AP cost as Release but with another mess to deal with after? I don't have any bonus MP. And I would use a TP if it were available, then no need for the glyph."

DOFUS Touch isn't meant to be played only as a solo game, and the glyph may be used for the benefit of the fight and your allies.

"Aggressive Glyph: the damage bonus for melee combat is slim considering you have to spend a turn preparing it: glyph + inertia + barricade, or 8 AP."

Same response!

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"Positioning spells (Backwash, Torrent, and Froth) shouldn't cause damage to allies; then one of the Foggernaut's 3 main roles, positioning, would be really effective but not kill allies, who may be in danger and need help getting out of a tight spot."

This won't be easy to do on our end, but we'll examine the issue! This would also solve the problem of spells that no longer cause damage to enemy turrets. In short, a very interesting idea. smile

"The only way I can see to balance Foggernauts would be to put the turret's Rooted state for 2 turns on the Evolution spell. That way, the turret used would be well positioned on the field and this would still prevent Foggernauts from blocking things in a corner, since only one turret could be evolved at one time."

This change is a possibility, but only for a single turn; OR increase the Range; OR reduce the AP cost of Salt Armour.

"The Harpooner should choose the attack element itself (without having to activate it), maximizing damage based on the Foggernaut's characteristics and the enemy's resistances."

We thought we had already responded to this feedback; we're working on this change, but it won't be in the latest update.

Except for a few details, however, it should work in the following way:
  • As long as it isn't activated, the turret automatically attacks with the most ideal element. Damage is diminished.
  • Once activated, the turret will deal a little more damage in an element chosen by the Foggernaut, and it will remain concentrated with this element.

There will be plenty of time to discuss this more in the future.

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"When a Koalak kills a player character in the Kolossium, healing for allies doesn't trigger."

It's the targeted opponent that rebounds damage received as healing; if the opponent dies, nothing rebounds.

"Also, I don't understand why the element damage stats and elemental characteristics are transferred, but not simple damage stats or power: are Osamodas not allowed to use Treadfast for their Summoning?"

We'd rather provide more powerful basic Summons that can be used by anyone, whatever their level group, multi-element or not, instead of providing weaker Summons on which Power bleeds over. This would give too much of an advantage to a multi-element player compared to a single- or bi-element.

And adding Power in this context would be really overpowered.

"It might seem like with full control over Summons, an Osamodas can put a focus on an enemy and this is overpowered, but when you think about it, other classes can put a focus on an enemy with their spells too, so it's not that different."

Summons' damage already accounts for the fact that they're not fully controllable. And surrendering control of each Summons for every turn would significantly increase combat time.

"Do you realize that optimizing your class requires: resistances, tri-elemental damage and elemental characteristics (not to mention fixed damage or power), 6 Summons, 6 Range, healing, lock, dodge, and you also have to optimize it for group play, which largely depends on AI."

Every class requires optimization when a player wants to go multi-element and exploit the full potential of their various spells; this isn't at all exclusive to Osamodas.

As for Summons, Osamodas now have a way to focus their Summons (Tracking state), especially on decisive turns (Symbiosa).

"This isn't that critical for Sadidas since they don't expose themselves much, but it's a disaster for Osamodas."

But in contrast, Sadidas have much fewer ways to get out of a tricky situation, while Osamodas are now plenty adequate.

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"From what I could gather, the update was supposed to update Xelors to enhance the 3 elemental paths […]"

No, work on the 3 elemental paths was never announced for everyone at the same time (likewise for the characteristics threshold). This is something that will be done over time.

"I propose the spell Stationary Movement, for use by Xelors to trade places with the dial over a 4-5 Range, making it possible to cast Frostbite from behind, and *boom* an enemy TPed by the Dial!"

As already explained, we're unable to make extensive changes to all classes (for those that actually need them, at least), especially not all at the same time. While we have made some effort with the Dial and the Air path, it will be complicated to go any further right away.

If you have other adjustments to suggest, we're listening; otherwise, you'll have to wait a bit longer.

"To do that, increase damage dealt by the Shrivelling spell, which is THE spell for Air Xelors to inflict damage."

Damage has already been increased relative to the version available on classic servers.

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