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[Workshop] Critical Hits

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - March 22, 2023, 16:00:08
Hello everyone,

As mentioned in the devblog on the overhaul of stat-based passives, we are moving forward with you on several decisions that must be made, including the overhaul of Critical Hits, which is the topic of this workshop.

Here are the latest answers on this topic:

Changing critical hits to a percentage means getting closer to DOFUS, but we don't want the game to be the same as DOFUS. So why are we doing this?

We clearly aren't moving forward with the goal of joining the DOFUS version. The transition to three-room dungeons, groups of four, class emblems, the Exaltation spell, Ascension Island, and many other things are perfect examples of this. Many features are exclusive to DOFUS Touch.

However, when one of the things we want to do is close to what has been done in DOFUS, this isn't a valid reason not to do it. Quite the opposite – it allows us to see whether people like the idea and what it becomes over time before even integrating it into the game! We don't want to stop ourselves from introducing changes that we deem relevant simply because they've already been done in DOFUS.

Some classes or close combat may benefit too greatly from this change to a percentage, such as Ecaflips' Clover spell.

This isn't impossible, which is why balancing work will have to be done to balance special cases, whether this is in terms of spells or close combat.

Why would you theoretically allow for 100% Critical Hits?

The luck factor will always exist, because 100% will actually be difficult to achieve without having to make concessions with your equipment. However, it's an interesting idea, because the classes' randomness isn't very satisfying, and it can often be frustrating, which isn't productive. Therefore, the player must be able to make sacrifices to modulate it and thereby limit the luck fact based on their own choices. The idea isn't for 100% to be too easily attainable without any concessions or for it to become standard, which is why we aren't opposed to the idea of reworking the Turquoise Dofus afterward, if the 20% it provides is too significant.

But what do you think?
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this is fine. It doesn't matter that much.
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This update is not a game changer. It seems to reduce the cost of reaching more critiques. For example, ava+allister is almost the only option for those who want to play agility. but there is a big crit problem. The solution is also quite expensive. But there are many players who have incurred this cost so far. There is a price difference between 11ch turq and 20ch. I am not against this update, but there should be something to please those who have received high ch turq. For example, a passive ability can be added to turqs. (as in domakuro) like 20ch for 20 melee/range attack, 11ch for 11 etc.
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