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[Workshop] Resistance Limitation 

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - March 22, 2023, 16:00:06
Hello everyone,

As mentioned in the devblog on the overhaul of stat-based passives, we are moving forward with you on several decisions that must be made, including resistance limitation, which is the topic of this workshop.

Here are the latest answers on this topic:

We're going to lose a lot of kamas with this change.

Current sets don't naturally reach 35% in each element, so items that are smithmaged with resistances will always have a high value. What's more, the topic of new trophies is still being discussed, and we think that with their introduction, the variety of item combinations that will then be possible will allow any smithmaged item to fit in, since these trophies would be conditional on not fully equipping sets. 

Won't the gap between beginners and experienced players close?

With all the changes that are planned in the devblog – especially the importance that secondary stats will have (Lock, Dodge, Parry, etc.) – the difference between these players will now be more noticeable in their other stats. However, resistances will continue to play an important role. Actually, the 35% in each element isn't necessarily given naturally in the various equipment combinations without involving smithmagic.

Isn't it possible to apply this reduction in PvP only so as not to penalize PvM?

We don't want to separate PvP and PvM, as this would be detrimental to understanding and getting to grips with the game. We can appreciate that this change could be a problem on Ascension Island, as the concept involves scaling monsters. So, an adjustment might be made accordingly; the initial problem isn't resistances, but the damage value that some monsters can reach in this content.

But what do you think?
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"Won't the gap between beginners and experienced players close?"

This is worded like it would be a bad thing, I would think shrinking the gap between experienced and beginners would be good. For clarification,by this I mean it will lower the "cost" of getting to a competitive level in pvp – as mentioned elsewhere, getting to these overly high resistance levels requires lots of maging which creates a wall for newer players trying to get into the competitive pvp scene. If being competitive no longer requires so much overmaging more people will be able to be competitive faster.

And as an added bonus, shorter wait times to get a kolo fight.
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Reducing resistances to 35% will greatly reduce the close-combat gameplay style. Because those who play close-combat can do this because they trust their resists. But now everyone will have to play with a focus on range or stealth. This causes the matches to be unbearably long.

Also, I don't think kolossium players want matches to be short. My most enjoyable matches are those where there is no chasing but still take a long time. It is ideal for a match to last 10-15 rounds. If you don't have concrete data that average kolossium matches last more than 15 rounds, you are about to irreversibly disrupt a great mechanic in the game. Those who want to play glass-cannon can still play in this style with sram or cra. They are very effective right now. But with the drop of the resists, the tank style gameplay will be completely over and it will turn into a frustrating, unbalanced and toxic mechanic where the outcome of the match is determined by initiative in the first round, and reversals are impossible.

There are a lot of masks and fecas in the game right now. They're pretty strong too. Yet they are not invincible. Because the anti of these classes is enu. The reason why there are so many Enu's is related to the fact that there are too many masks and fecas. Yet there is a balance. But cra and srams have no anti. You should use a cra against a cra. There is no cure for sram's invisibility. (if changes sram's spells range to close-combat) With the arrival of this update, 9 out of 10 characters will be cra and sram.
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