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Legendary Weapons

By [Yawn] April 25, 2018, 14:00:00
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Stay with me on this:
Cursed sword of the blord warrior, is a Semi-legendary weapon already, just belonging to someone else.
You can already modify this weapon into a Cursed Scythe of the blord warrior.

Why not a lvl 200 quest chain similar that quest to change the blord warriors sword, But make it as long as the ice dofus quest chain and as with reseting characteristics you can re-do the quest chain to change its element/weapon type?

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Hi Yawn,
Making legendary weapons a cosmetic takes away from the legendary-ness. Cosmetic swords are already in the game, not giving stats and therefore not going to be used if legendary items are purely cosmetic with stats.
Perhaps as being apart of a cosmetic the legendary sword, providing a small stat bonus, can be "combined" with weapons to give a slight advantage to existing items while taking the appearance of the weapon. 
Great idea!


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