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By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - May 29, 2018, 16:00:00
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Hello, everyone!

As you might have noticed in Gamakna #7 and Missive #11, we have opted for a new, two-part area this summer instead of new lairs.

We're starting this new thread to talk about it with you and reflect on the future of DOFUS Touch when it comes to PvM content.

Regarding new content creation, the options are as follows:

  • a new zone from A to Z, including equipment, monsters, quests, the dungeon, and maps; or
  • lairs with equipment, quests, and a visual overhaul of the surrounding area, excluding VHL areas.

Indeed, we are not planning to create level-200 lairs in Frigost 3 (or elsewhere). It would be very complicated (not to say impossible) to balance the content of this level in 1v1 (player vs boss). Among other things, Frigost is a very highly used area, and the goal of lairs is also to promote less used areas.

In addition, in my opinion as a game designer, lairs have a teaching role above all. For example, each lair in Incarnam allows new players to learn this or that aspect of the DOFUS Touch gameplay.

For all these reasons, we've chosen the first option for the Midgin update, that is, creating a new zone from A to Z.

What about you? Are you still interested in additional lairs or do you prefer content like what's coming with the Midgins? What do you think about all this? Your turn!
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Replying to hunters-irvin

Hi hunters-irvin,

Your comment is not really related to the topic, but there are plans to have spell balancing in a future update.

See message in context
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I don't even know what lairs are...I prefer new content I guess biggrin

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I think lairs are great for short bouts of xp, but I don't like the way the sets are bound to the's annoying. I would much rather have new content like midgins and the rift.

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Mejor las zonas nuevas, las guaridas no son muy entretenidas

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A little bit of both (New area and a few new lairs) would be perfect. Perhaps doing both is way too much work, but I enjoyed lairs as well

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Mejor reformas para las clases que están bien desactualizadas

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Hi hunters-irvin,

Your comment is not really related to the topic, but there are plans to have spell balancing in a future update.

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in my opinion the dens are not very striking especially in incarnam .... in my opinion agrgar more dens to other islands icluido in incarnam was unexpected and a little unnecessary in my opinion and if this comment enters the subject of the actu I think that I am against it.

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Personally im interested in adding lagre update with a lot of content. But the thing is staff is to small to complete this challange. Sooooo... no use to make these topics if not seriously take this problem.

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Hi Antimage,

We are serious in providing new content for DOFUS Touch that is why we are sharing with you our plans, and see what you think about them. This in turn would help us manage our resources.

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