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By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - May 29, 2018, 16:00:00
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In this new workshop, we're going to look over the Abyss Joust together and then have a look at the future of PvP tournaments in Dofus Touch. Let's not waste any time. Off we go!

The Abyss Joust: tips for improvement

Overall, the staff was very happy with this first inter-server tournament, as explained in this first debriefing. Though things turned out well overall, some aspects of the tournament could use improvement for future competitions. Here is a non-exhaustive list of what we think could be improved. Feel free to add anything or comment on any of these topics.

  • Fix the few bugs that prevented some fights from going smoothly: the dead cells, the bug in the glyphs affecting movement.
  • Rework the maps: the positioning slots, the map names (mid-distance, distance, etc.).
  • Add a few new maps.
  • Activate the Kolossium on the tournament server to allow teams to train more easily.
  • Offer schedules that are better suited to the international community.
  • Select more teams for the elimination rounds, most likely 32.
  • Slightly reduce the planning at the round robin stage – to be determined based on the number of teams registered.
  • Not automatically disqualify a team that misses a match.
  • Adopt rules with respect to rebroadcasting matches in the interest of fairness.

And you, what do you think should be improved for the next inter-server tournament?

Tournament Planning

This is how the current schedule looks.

  • Summer 2018: first class balancing, with an open beta phase a few weeks after the major summer update.
  • End of summer 2018: eventually a fun/casual tournament (incarnations, classes vs. classes, etc.).
  • Fall 2018: once the balancing has been approved and deployed on the classic servers, classic tournaments resume on each French speaking server (Oshimo Cup, Terra Crown Challenge, Astral Cup).
  • First quarter 2019: second inter-server tournament.

Fun Tournament

This year, we would particularly like to organize a tournament more focused on fun. At first glance, a competition consisting only of incarnations seems to be popular with several players. These would obviously be provided in the tournament server bank.

The format would then need to be determined:

  • Number of players per team.
  • Maximum number of teams.
  • Planning: we think that a short, quick format would be ideal for everyone.

What do you think? Do you have other tournament ideas in mind?

Second inter-server tournament format

Regarding a second competition bringing together all the servers in a more classic format, we are doing some thinking and would like your feedback on this subject.

Some players would like to bring their own equipment. However, that's far from being ideal in terms of fairness, diversity and entertainment.

Therefore, we've come up with the following compromise, a more elite tournament that awards players for the time they dedicate to their equipment:

  • A tournament on each server (like the Oshimo Cup) that lets X teams quality for the elimination rounds in an inter-server format on the Tournament server.
  • The teams that qualify for the inter-server rounds will have the same equipment, like for the Abyss Joust.

So, it will be more of a server vs. server format, with the cream of the crop of each one. Each qualifying tournament will surely be followed closely by the community.

The drawback would be with the registrations for the qualification rounds that would need to be completed on each server. Normally, it's first come first served, but that doesn't seem to be ideal for the format we're proposing, here. For us, a popularity test is totally out of the question. That doesn't reflect the quality of the players at all, and the layout would be too simple. It will be necessary to come up with a different test.

Moreover, a second iteration very similar to the Abyss Joust would work quite well and would allow more players to participate. But perhaps it will be possible to have both formats in 2019!

What do you think of all that on your end? Do you have any comments or suggestions to make?