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Dopple Spells

By [Flatops] - ANKAMA - September 26, 2018, 10:28:22
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Para cuando la página en español? la mayoría de la actividad del juego está en español, es triste que toque estar traduciendo y parafraseando todas las noticias y eventos 

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the 1-per-fight spell concept has potential.

dopples are kind of underwhelming if you ask me, and they are incredibly related to spell availability. plus,their AI is kinda stupid in some cases. myself,as a panda, i usually try to maneuver my dopple to use ethyle and flask, so it stays out of reach and can add some value to the match. however, most times he goes for melancholy just because it has those 2-3 base damage more, resulting in suicide.

damage is kinda underwhelming for a 6 cost spell/summon, but with some tinkering in AI it can be fun. also, full-melee dopples should get buffed stats as well as ranged dopples should be a little weakened. it's easier to hit a dopple in close combat with aoe, than doing the same at range.

i tried to think of what a balanced spell, or passive can be at 200, but there are none. it can either be too weak or plain OP and this is no good

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