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Kolossium Tournament Mode

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - February 14, 2019, 06:38:24
Hello everyone!

Some of you may have noticed, the tournament mode was activated by mistake on some Kolossium maps (it was suppose to be for only the Hall of the Valiant, the tournament area of the game) during last Tuesday's maintenance.

As a reminder, the tournament mode does not display the opposing team in the preparation phase. This avoids, for example, initiative or placement battles at the last moment before everyone selects the "Ready" option to start the fight.

This accident has led to many interesting debates and we would like to take this opportunity to gather the opinion of a larger part of the community: are you for or against applying the tournament mode on the whole Kolossium?

Some agree only if it was possible to see their opponent's lineup, which is not the case. This request seems viable since it gives you a hint of the opposing team's composition.

What do you think ?
First Ankama intervention
Hi guys,

Thank you, we'll take note of all your feedback.
See message in context
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Since some clases take more profit than placement than others... i think that the placement battles are borring amd unfair (i supose that the ocras love them), and some times time run off switching the place in stupid placement battle... I think is a good idea the blind tournament mode, or only see the other team composition, to have some idea to prepare a team strategy, but you have to suposse the other team placement and initiative.
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I'm for the idea of the tournament mode. You see a lot of people invest in livinitems to mask their sets and by enabling this tournament mode low level players who don't have the money for them can mask their sets aswell. It would maybe be an idea for people who do want to see the composition of a team to only show the sprites of the classes wich are in the enemy team and by that I mean no names or character colours only a blank sprite.
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Tournament mode!
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my long post didnt go through, i'll repost briefly

PRO to tournament mode
PRO to showing opponent lineup with these specifications:
        - no ini showing
        -show name/class/lvl on left margin of the screen (TEAM: P1,P2,P3 // OPP: P1,P2,P3)
         -show as above but only class/lvl (won't tell WHAT lvl 200 iop i'm facing, therefore the build)
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As someone who took part in the Abyss, I really enjoy the idea of not being able to see placements. We obviously got to see classes due it being actively available on the website. However, if players were completely in the dark in every aspect, it would add a new layer to competitiveness. 

As a xelor, I hate going into Kolossum and have everyone alter their trophies/set to gain AP parry. If they had no idea I was there, they would use their normal sets. This is a similar issue MP reduction players suffer.

I am completely for it, as it will be fairer for all parties and would require skill rather than adaptation to win.
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I liked this mode, 'cuz you don't know where are the enemies and adds surprise to the showdown.
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Yes to Tournament Mode
Yes to inter-server Kolo
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I like this mode as well,harder to win since you donnou opponent so you cant equip some trophies etc.
And surprise effect is fun as well.
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Hi guys,

Thank you, we'll take note of all your feedback.
Hello everyone,

The Kolizeum had changes in this direction in 2022, so we close this thread.

Thank you all for your participation!