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Adding Value to Certain Sets

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - August 01, 2019, 07:45:56
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Hello everyone,

In response to your feedback on our latest proposal, we'd like to continue the discussion.

Count Harebourg Set

Here's a condensed summary of the feedback received on the FR and INT forums and in the DOFUS Touch Discord:

  • The problem, I think, comes from the nerfing (10 Lock, 50 Vitality and 20 Strength removed) just for resistances.
  • For me, what needs to be done is offer a real alternative to offer different stuff options. For example, let's say that the Missiz Freezz + Brouce combo is an option focusing on strength and critical hits. Then, an alternative path needs to be offered with strength, initiative and resistances with which it isn't possible to obtain 1/2 in critical hits.
  • Add AP Dodge, which is lacking in the Missiz Freezz + Brouce combo.

We prefer to go with the first solution. Why not the others?

Solution 2: To orient the entire set on a mode without CH, it would be more relevant to give this trend to all the items rather than only do so in the set bonus. The idea is interesting, but deserves instead to be applied to a new future set.

Solution 3: AP Dodge is a solution we initially considered but eliminated because it was deemed too risky. Since the Earth path is generally speaking the one that inflicts the most damage, AP Dodge made this potential striking power too safe because much less responsive to the hazards of combat, when the loss of a few AP is usually enough to prevent a Jump + Iop's Wrath, for example.

Nocturnowl Set

Here's a condensed summary of the feedback received on the FR and INT forums and in the DOFUS Touch Discord:
  • The set would need 2 Range and about 10 CH more to cover the penalty on items and make it playable.
  • A massive addition of initiative could set the set apart.

The solution here is a combination of the two solutions mentioned. Indeed, an overly large CH bonus did not seem satisfactory, but a slight bonus increase seemed acceptable. Adding initiative, however, did seem to be a possibility to set it apart, and something that could benefit a wide range of classes.

Oshimo Set

Here's a condensed summary of the feedback received on the FR and INT forums and in the DOFUS Touch Discord:
  • Strengthen the critical resistance aspect.

Strengthening the critical resistance aspect that we had wanted to give to the set was, in addition to being one of the only pieces of feedback, a coherent solution in relation to our expectations.

So, this is where we're currently heading! Please note that these changes will be rolled out by the end of the year.

* Blue highlight: modified
* Green highlight: new addition
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Any news on the Vicious set? Right now the only viable set for agi/str path is Fuji

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I think the point was missed on the Count set.  To make this set useful you need to get rid of all the negative resistances using the full set.  That would include air and neutral negative resistances.  The new sets you are coming up with have very high resistances and it's pretty easy for chance and intel players to get 35-40% resists to all elements.  So offsetting the negative resistance on the Count hat isn't to much to ask for.  

Nocturnowl Set needs neutral damage.

Oshimo Set needs larger bonuses for each element, it's just too weak a set.

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Hello everyone!

Here is our latest proposal following your feedback from Discord and in the forum.

Count Harebourg Set

We agree to increase the 2 set bonuses. For the rest, some have shared that the set seems viable at least for PvM. Knowing the basic direction imposed by this set, we are thinking of proposing a new level 200 full-Earth set to properly complete the panel available.

Oshimo Set

We also agree to increase the 2 set bonuses! We are also taking this opportunity to add a Vitality bonus. We prefer to focus the attention on the defensive aspect of the set rather than adding more bonuses or offensive stats.
Nocturnowl Set

The changes made so far seems to be sufficient to make the set interesting!

Thanks again to all those who shared their feedback.
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the minoto set is already something unusable since only 6 invocations can be had, so much that it cost me to put it together and now the 16 invos were obsolete they should work in the

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