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Shield Revamp

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - October 24, 2019, 06:55:14
It's here! The shield revamp is well underway, and we'd like to present a few aspects of it in this new workshop post.

A Disclaimer

  • Nothing presented here is set in stone. Between today, the beta, and finally the release on classic servers, additional changes are likely.
  • With this workshop, we'd like your feedback mainly on proposed interfaces, as well as on the shields' characteristics and mechanics, keeping in mind that we don't want to completely remake them. The basic elements of the revamp won't change; you'll soon see what we mean!

Use and Accessibility

Each shield may be used in either PvP or PvM and will grant useful bonuses for both gameplay modes.

The only pre-requisite for equipping shields will be the character's level; a shield can be equipped with any weapon in the game. This means the revamp will make all weapons one-handed.

Initially, about 50 shields will be available, ranging from level 10 to 200. That's right – new shields are coming to the game!

Of course, existing cosmetic shields aren't included here; these will not change.

Shield Characteristics

We wanted to make shields fundamentally defensive rather than offensive. That said, we don't want to grant extremely high bonuses in order to avoid pulling the metagame in a direction completely based on defensive play.The following characteristics will apply to shields:
  • AP Dodge
  • MP Dodge
  • AP Reduction
  • MP Reduction
  • Lock
  • Dodge
  • Vitality
  • Pu Da Resistances
  • Fixed Resistances
  • Initiative
  • Healing
  • Minions
  • Range

To illustrate all of this, here are two examples of shields that might be added with the revamp.

Level 60 shield:
  • 40 Vitality
  • 5 Dodge

Level 200 shield:
  • 200 Vitality
  • 5 Fire Resistance (fixed)
  • 5 Air Resistance (fixed)
  • 8 Lock
  • 10 MP Reduction

New Mechanic

Each shield will offer the ability to unlock new passives in combat. Passives will be unique to each shield and will not be modifiable. It will therefore sometimes be necessary to choose between shield characteristics and passives.Once again, we're focusing more on defense than offense, and only in response to the opponent's choice.In the interest of balancing, only four passives will be available. These haven't been fully defined yet, but here's an example of one that might be introduced:
  • Gain a bonus to Critical Resistance for one turn when an enemy performs a Critical Hit on your character. Once per turn.

In the timeline, the shield's passive will look like any other effect on the wearer and will remain active through the entire fight.

These mechanics will not be available on shields below level 50, as new players already have enough to learn on entering the World of Twelve.

Shields: Central to the Economy


With the ever-present aim of maintaining server economy, shields will have to be crafted using in-game resources as part of the Shield Smith profession.


But that's not all! Each newly crafted shield will have to be improved using other resources in order to gain optimal characteristics (somewhat like food and pets), which will take the form of levels. Therefore, these shields can't be smithmaged.

Unlike how this works with pets, you'll be able to raise your shield to the maximum level all at once, as long as you have the required resources.

Although smithmagic will not be an option, runes can be used to dramatic effect, as these will allow you to improve your shields. Not all runes will improve shields to the same degree; you'll learn all the details in the beta, soon to be released.

Each shield will have 100 levels, with the required amount of XP varying based on the equipment level. On gaining a new level, the shield will gain additional characteristics. For example, if a level 100 shield confers 200 Vitality, it will gain 2 Vitality at each new level. Almost the same as how it works with Dragoturkeys!

If you've been following along so far, shields' final stats will be fixed.


Whether you want to improve your shield, review its characteristics, or update the effects of the passive, we want to offer you a new interface that gives you a good view of all these new elements.

Accessing it is quite simple; this will be done from the available actions on your shield.

Once you're in the new interface (which is still undergoing changes):

On the right side of the interface, you can view information about your shield, such as:
  • the shield's characteristics;
  • its level;
  • how much XP is needed to level up;
  • and the passive (press down on the icon to view its effects).

On the left side, you'll have access to the resources in your inventory that allow you to enhance your shield. As with Dragoturkeys, you'll be able to select the amount of resources you wish to use.

Prior to confirming the amount of resources provided, you'll have the option to preview the progression. This part still needs to be reworked, and more information will be available later.

What do you think of these early models? Do you have any suggestions for us regarding visuals or handling?

This post provides a good deal of crucial information about this revamp, and we await your feedback on it! You'll receive more details later on, particularly when everything is to be beta-tested.
First Ankama intervention
Hola chicos,

You can find the Spanish version of the shield revamp workshop here

See message in context
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Hola chicos,

You can find the Spanish version of the shield revamp workshop here

Score : 173
Good day for everyone

First I want to congratulate you for constantly bringing changes, reforms, events, for worrying about the fault correction and in general, for generating new content that undoubtedly improves the gaming experience. Clearly, Dofus Touch has taken an independent course and that is to highlight. Once again, congratulations on the excellent work that you have done.

Being able to use shields, both in PVP and in PVM, and being able to equip them without restrictions by the type of weapon was a very good decision. I consider that it revives the desire to want to use them, attracting a new segment of players that did not see them useful, or did not use those (PVM Players). In other way, having only the restriction of use based on the level of the character, balance is guaranteed, both in PVP and in PVM, and abuses of utility in low-level characters are avoided.

Integration of New Shields to the Game:
Excellent, again, you feel the desire to improve the game. This will open a range of possibilities in the equipment, leaving the players the power to select the shields that most benefit those according to them style of play or them need.

>> »» ATENTION <<
I assume that the list of new shields, their characteristics, passives and their manufacturing recipe can be seen on the website as equipment or weapons. Please, those in charge of creating and uploading this new content to the Website, make sure you upload it correctly. As a frequent user of the page, I like to check the sets and weapons always looking for the most optimal combinations for my character. (Incidentally, if they can, correct the visualizations of some parts of current equipment and weapons, especially some that entered the last update, it would be very good. Some, they are already few, but they still have an error and cannot be seen correctly).

The economy.
Thinking about improving the economy of the game, manufacturing the shields through resources, was the best decision. As I said, this update will bring a new group of players who did not use these equipment. These new users represent a large segment of the market, which will have a positive impact on trade in both finished objects and manufacturing resources. In addition, it revives the role of the Artificer (a bit relegated only to the manufacture of trophies).

Improvement of shields by runes:
It is not EXOmaging directly, this was the first thing I thought when I heard about the reform (Hahaha I thought of Dofus PC) however, this sounds much more attractive. It's different, like our game, it's something new and very interesting. We must wait until the beta to discover how these improvements will work, if anyone can do it or will need an Artificer/Shield smith with a certain “specialization” or after doing a mission that gives them those skills... Or wait for a new post to describe its use, operation, utility, restrictions, etc.

This looks like the Dragoturkey interface. In particular, Dragoturkey breeders are familiar with this type of windows, displays and interfaces; It is really easy and intuitive to use. I don't think any player has difficulties with this. In my opinion, it seems right.

Finally, I know that the next topic is not from this workshop, but I would like to know. Are you currently planning the implementation of new DOFUS in the short, medium or long term?

Likewise, do you plan to change the obtaining of other DOFUS (currently implemented) in the short, medium or long term and get them through a Missions system (such as the Carrot Dofus, Kaliptus Dofus or the Ice Dofus)?
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Ideas for Passives
  • Gain a resistance to close range damage if character takes long range damage.
  • Gain a resistance to long range damage if character takes close range damage.
  • If character has not taken damage in the previous turn, grant 1MP to the user.
  • If character has not dealt damage in the previous turn, grant 1AP to the user.

Passives should also only be unlocked at shield level 100, to avoid players equipping a level 200 (but unleveled) shield for the effects.

Ideas for shield stats
I do hope you will look at using the resistance to %melee damage, and resistance to %long-range damage mechanics to include on some of the shields. Having bonuses in one and maluses in another is a neat way to offset their potential power. I have seen these game mechanics in use on the recently added Scale King boss, so it is technically feasible.

In the example above of the 200 level shield, I do not believe that 5 (fixed) resistance is sufficient for 200 level gear. Even if that is 5 (fixed) resistance we did not have before the shield redesign, it is laughable protection at the endgame and I would recommend increasing it to 20. But the 200 vitality, and lock/mp reduction are great additions to any build. 5 (percent) resistances would be appropriate at that level.

It would also be interesting to see some linear reflect added back to the game, like the Sulik and Feathered turkeys have.

Ideas for Economy / Item destruction
Hopefully they will eat 1-power runes, and abundant, useless resources like Still Water and Skeunk's Lieutenant's drops, colorful big bwork underwear, et. al. Perhaps new recipes can make use of some those underused mats in current circulation. Please also let us shatter current shields in the crusher for runes.
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The fixed resistance vs %resistance is already unbalanced if not playing PvM and trying the same build for PvP. It doesn't ever seem monsters have fixed resistances and high dmg base weapons/spells vs low AP or multiple hit weapons/spells are fairly well balanced.
However, in PvP, with many fixed resistances from equipment, feca style shields, etc., low dmg based weapons are no longer balanced appropriately. This disparity already exists, and now adding shields to add more fixed resistance will move even farther in this direction. 
Ultimately, it makes sense to push to builds and use weapons only with higher base damage to mitigate this effect, which also discourages creativity in character builds.
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Hello everyone,

Following your feedback, here are the changes made to the various interfaces

Action Button


Rune Preview
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I cannot fortify my shushkebab shield...why? It wont even take any normal runes i try and fortify it with. It wont take any of my fortification runes either....? WTF
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Score : 484
Never mind i sussed it out, for anyone else that runs into this problem, when you try fortify a brought shield and underneath the xp bar it has "(+NaN) the shield was created before the update. If you take this shield to mount neselite at the shield smith building i think it it. Theres a lady there to exchange with. She will swap the bugged shield for a non bugged shield. 
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Hello everyone,

The redesign of the shield has been completed, so we will close this topic.

Thank you all for your participation!