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Sets Revamp #2

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - October 30, 2019, 05:12:41
After our first workshop and applying the changes to the Count Harebourg, Oshimo, and Nocturnowl sets in our Al Howin update, we want to propose to you a new batch of changes.

The next modifications will again concern several sets including Hel Munster and Henual.

Hel Munster set

This set has several penalties that we want to compensate with a minimum increase in damage, an increase in Chance and Agility, and the addition of Range.

Henual set

We propose adding AP Parry (which is missing on Earth gear in general), Critical Hit and Summons to make Henual's set more attractive to a broader range of classes.
What do you think of these proposals?

Let us know in the comments and do not hesitate to share with us your constructive feedback! 
First Ankama intervention

Replying to Trulul

A new set will come for AP bonus with Strength/Intelligence... wink
See message in context
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For the Henual it would be more practical to add a bonus op AP instead a bonus of MP, someone in another topic mention the lack of bonus of AP in the sets strength/intelligence so that would be an easy way to make those sets more useful 
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A new set will come for AP bonus with Strength/Intelligence... wink
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Hel Munster is unused due to massive penalty on Initiative, at least for my perspective so I would rather get rid of this (e.g. a + bonus of initiative if 3 pieces are equipped to cancel the malus) if you would like to see it around.
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I propose the addition of Pushback damage to Henuals to attract Enis, Iops, and Int Srams to use it.

I also think the English translation has mixed up the statistics above.
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Following your feedback, here are some new suggestions! Please note that these modifications will most likely be deployed during the next beta, which means that you’ll be able to test these changes in real conditions (as if there wasn’t enough to test with the shield revamp!)

Thanks again for your contribution.

Hel Munster set

Henual set
  • New level required to equip the ring: 190
  • New level required to equip the belt: 193
  • New level required to equip the hammer: 194 and Strength/Intelligence conditions reduced to 350
Score : 55
[Ankama]DOFUS-Touch|2019-11-06 09:58:21
A new set will come for AP bonus with Strength/Intelligence... wink

Can you give us more details please? It will be a lvl 200 set? 

Are you aiming a new chance/agility set for 200 with an AP bonus? 
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Hello everyone,

The changes on this topic have been completed so we will close this thread.

Thank you all for your participation!