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High-Level Weapons

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - October 21, 2021, 16:58:00
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Message from your favorite CMs: whether you are for or against the idea, remember to discuss constructively in order to move the discussion in the right direction!

Hello everyone!

The meta from level 180 to 200 is oriented around close combat, that it has become a must in some teams, overshadowing most others.

The idea is to discuss the current weapons in this level range to move towards balancing those that need them.

Possible changes

  •  AP cost
  • Weapon range
  • Critical damage bonus
  • Critical hit chance
  • Change of a condition that is too disabling
  • Weapon level

Is there any weapon that you would like to change? If so, which ones and how?

Feel free to comment and give us your opinion.
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Ethical wand int requirement at 250 is too high

Shinan fans are broken

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Overall, daggers seem to be the best weapon choices out there at the moment due to their multiple casts per turn and low AP costs.

Shihan Daggers: Choose one: 3AP and once per turn, or 4AP and twice per turn.
Ghoul Sword: add a critical hit and reduce its AP cost to 4AP (the conditions are already constraining)
Shushuverain Wand: remove line of sight (it already has a disabling -10 critical hits, and needs a reason to use)
Riff Hatchet, Tomahorse, and Croknives: Leave them at 5AP but increase the number of casts to twice per turn.  Incentivize the axes by letting them be used twice.

I would also recommend adding the level 200 Brutatax Wand to the Dofus Touch game to increase the healing potential of non-healing classes.


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The problem is lack of general options. 2 out of the 8 weapon types are ranged. For the most part, this is where the disproportion comes from.
Of course the majority is going to be close combat. More than that, Most spells are ranged so having a ranged weapon is often times pointless in where a close combat weapon is complimentary.

One jarring limitation with bows is the heavy investment of 3 elements to use.

Archons Bow it’s a chance/Agi weapon but requires and gives int?

Archaic bow, another change/Agi weapon but requires strength.

And really if you are not an intelligence build, outside corrupted now, there are like no options for bows going into endgame for strength, agility, chance builds.

Wands are In similar position.

Daggers are popular not only for their damage to ap ratio but most likely no matter your build there will be an option accessible for your character.

The existing bows and wand need to be made more accessible but also we need more of them. Give us the equivalent of the corrupted bow for strength, agility, chance without the weird hybrid limitations.

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El juego no tiene armas a distancia que renten frente las cac, obvio la idea es que las armas a distancia pegan menos,pero la única q se salva es el arco corrupto, de resto ningun arma es tiene un beneficio bueno para jugar a distancia.

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Ever since Nun-charang came out every other endgame str staff(Virtually any str weapon) became obsolete, even the dual elements one.
Corrupted spear should get critical chance and damage to stay competitive

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I would echo most everything that's already been said. Daggers are what you see most because they can do the most damage for the least amount of ap and can be used twice per turn. After that it's damage numbers and elements per what build the player has.

Corrupted Bow is really the only ranged weapon you see at high levels, and mostly on Enis that have gone full int for heals, and I rarely see any wands used at all, so if the goal is to encourage more ranged play (or at least let some classes that are normally forced to place close play from longer ranges) I would say adding more of them with more varieties of elements as their damage source would be the way to go.

And that may be the overall thing, more variety. You can tweak numbers like ap and crits and all you will see is people abandon one weapon en masse for another. You can play with range of bows and wands but all of the other weapons are kind of limited to close combat just by the nature of what they are – can't really hit something from range with a sword (unless it's the Master Sword and you're at full hp but that's a whole different legend). The only thing I can think of that would make sense would be adding something like Boomerangs as a new type of weapon, where they can be used up close like a dagger or at range but have a large gap in the middle, so you're either playing far away or up close but can't just be skirting around the edges. Or maybe they have a small ranged area, 1-4 cells, but not as long as bows or wands, just throwing out something that may make sense.

I would disagree with VonTheViking on adding more healing weapons. Maybe there's a bias here because I play a hybrid healing class but I think it would unbalance the game, especially in pvp. There should be some risk involved when a team decides to go into a fight without having a class that can heal, but if two of the three players have the Archetypal Bow or Thanos Staff equipped then going Iop, Panda, Feca carries basically no risk. Give us healers our due! tongue

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Very well said!

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