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List of characters

Name Class Level Sex Server Guild
Dechudelateur Iop 200 Male Oshimo Perseverance
Kokka Eniripsa 200 Male Herdegrize Triade
Tabarnak-Ady Enutrof 200 Female Grandapan
Samurai Pandawa 200 Male Grandapan Synapse
Akara Eniripsa 200 Female Grandapan Synapse
Zeltyy Iop 200 Male Terra Cogita Shinigami
Fluffypinkbunnyhead Sacrier 200 Male Dodge Soul
Faya Enutrof 200 Male Oshimo Le Comptoir Du Coffeeshop
Jboo Sacrier 200 Female Dodge Heresy
Willy-Lejardinier Sacrier 200 Male Terra Cogita Vivaldi
The-Risen Osamodas 200 Male Dodge No Life
Touraigar Cra 200 Male Dodge Camorra
Joseblack Iop 200 Male Brutas Beer palace
Aquilou Cra 200 Male Oshimo
Savant Iop 200 Male Brutas Anubis
Shannx Sadida 200 Female Terra Cogita La Secte
Laylie Ecaflip 200 Female Oshimo Nukenin
Skayjoker Iop 200 Male Brutas S P A M
Zague Feca 200 Female Terra Cogita Wisdom
Ludisomo Ecaflip 200 Male Brutas
Methenos Xelor 200 Male Herdegrize
Marjolaine Ecaflip 200 Female Terra Cogita
Zeptoss Cra 200 Male Herdegrize La Team Rocket
Yyeico Xelor 200 Male Brutas Berserker