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List of characters

Name Class Level Sex Server Guild
Otto Ecaflip 200 Male Oshimo Insomnia
Sonia Eniripsa 200 Female Oshimo CrepuscuIe
Ambreazia Ecaflip 200 Male Oshimo Addicts
Bebene Iop 200 Male Oshimo
Ldeath Feca 200 Male Oshimo Better Call Saul
Hirumi Pandawa 200 Female Oshimo
Xewar Ecaflip 200 Male Oshimo
Tanis Foggernaut 200 Male Oshimo Roots
Taky Eniripsa 200 Female Oshimo Citoyens Du Monde
Kohga Sadida 200 Male Oshimo
Dydyelow Cra 200 Male Oshimo l'Ordre
Chinssa Osamodas 200 Male Terra Cogita Heroes
Peaudouce Eniripsa 200 Female Terra Cogita Try-Again
Zbeub Eniripsa 200 Male Oshimo Ouloulou
Moustache Cra 200 Male Oshimo
Leylin-Farlier Eniripsa 200 Female Brutas Los Princesos
Flaukapic Cra 200 Male Terra Cogita Chacha Sanguinaire
Byakuya Cra 200 Male Herdegrize Westeros
Mugi Sacrier 200 Male Oshimo CrepuscuIe
Vorador Osamodas 200 Male Oshimo King Jong'Un
Boah Masqueraider 200 Female Herdegrize S M A U G
Nerilka Foggernaut 200 Female Oshimo QLF
Dadax Pandawa 200 Male Oshimo M I B
Yenkoo Rogue 200 Male Oshimo Blank