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List of characters

Name Class Level Sex Server Guild
Kase Pandawa 200 Male Brutas - Brazz -
Legendz Osamodas 200 Male Oshimo Spartiate
Glitch Iop 200 Female Dodge Suffragette
Elienda Foggernaut 200 Female Oshimo Unicorn Of Love
Aristale Cra 200 Male Oshimo Vatos Locos
Cjozziej Enutrof 200 Male Dodge Wu Tang Clan
Mamoru Feca 200 Male Oshimo
Faure Iop 200 Male Dodge Monture
Mundi Eniripsa 200 Male Grandapan WFTC
Beuz-Leclerc Iop 200 Male Oshimo
Tyshaan Feca 200 Male Oshimo QLF
Ced-Sraam Sram 200 Male Dodge Camorra
Stalking Sacrier 200 Male Brutas Azk Team
Kalashette Cra 200 Female Terra Cogita Try-Again
Azf Iop 200 Male Terra Cogita
Don-Chama Iop 200 Male Herdegrize
Valar-Dohaeris Osamodas 200 Male Herdegrize Velvet
Louloutte Ecaflip 200 Female Oshimo Nymeria
Julien Osamodas 200 Male Oshimo Blank
Leviiator Cra 200 Female Herdegrize
Ezekielle Cra 200 Female Terra Cogita
Eneias Enutrof 200 Male Brutas XEQUE-MATE
Darkviperian Cra 200 Female Brutas - Brazz -
Flexible Sacrier 200 Male Dodge Sandstorm