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List of characters

Name Class Level Sex Server Guild
Quincy-king Cra 200 Male Dodge
Monkeypaw Enutrof 200 Female Grandapan
Black-fortune Enutrof 200 Male Herdegrize Constellation
Asphalt-pirate Rogue 200 Female Dodge
Jeinii Iop 200 Female Brutas Hawaii
Petit-loup Sram 200 Male Herdegrize Winamax
Masmax Cra 200 Male Dodge
Meghanix Cra 200 Male Herdegrize NAK MUAY
Lemon-Ice Pandawa 200 Male Herdegrize Darkness For Glory
Bmidlife Masqueraider 200 Male Terra Cogita
Kimitrio Iop 200 Male Herdegrize Winamax
Daniel-xox Ecaflip 200 Male Brutas
Drikaw Cra 200 Male Oshimo Symdrome
Yafoyakwa Feca 200 Female Terra Cogita Lipe
Anu-tropio Enutrof 200 Male Brutas los misticos
Fma-mx Pandawa 200 Male Dodge Legends
Black-mage Xelor 200 Male Grandapan
Pyromane Feca 200 Female Oshimo
Golden-lucario Ecaflip 200 Male Oshimo Black Opium
Watch-man Xelor 200 Male Grandapan
Le-z Iop 200 Male Herdegrize
Mieu Pandawa 200 Female Grandapan Symphonia
Thenoob Masqueraider 200 Male Grandapan ez life ez game
El-guineo Iop 200 Male Brutas Apple