Level 200
Avenger of the Frozen Lands


100 % (15 / 15)


Name Category Completed Objective Rewards
Apprentice Professions 1 Reach level 10 in a profession.
Earner Professions 1 Reach level 50 in a profession.
Breadwinner Professions 10 Reach level 100 in a profession.
In It Together Professions 1 Craft an item in co-op mode.
Shattered Professions 1 Make 1,000 runes by shattering items.
All On Your Own Professions 1 Craft 1 item.
Repetitive Drain Professions 1 Craft 100 items.
Machine! Professions 1 Craft 1,000 items.
Production Line Professions 20 Craft 10,000 items.
Too Many Of These Professions 1 Shatter 1 Bow Meow pet in a Crusher.
Dabhand Professions 10 Reach level 100 in two professions.
Elbow Grease Professions 20 Reach level 100 in three professions.
Honourable Craftsman
Tourin Breaks Professions 10 Make 10,000 runes by shattering items.
Breakdance Professions 1 Make 100 runes by shattering items.
My Little Empire Professions 30 Complete the following achievements:
Too Many Of These
Tourin Breaks
In It Together
Production Line
Elbow Grease
The Empra