Level 200
Soul Searcher


10 % (15 / 149)


Name Category Completed Objective Rewards
Learning Stages Quests
Main Quests
10 Complete all Incarnam's main quests.
Follow Your Path
On the Trail of the Dofus
From Nhin to Nhin
Life After Death
The Relics of Setsun
The Relics of Ryzsun
Journey to Astrub
× 5
White Gobbly Leather
Lvl 13
× 5
White Gobbly Wool
Lvl 13
× 5
Black Gobbly Leather
Lvl 13
× 5
Gobball Wool
Lvl 19
A Dream Disciple Quests
Main Quests
10 Complete all Astrub's main quests.
Discreet Arrival
Remarkyble Advice
Class Quest
Devotion Quest
Astrubian Rumours
Nowa's Ark
In Search of the Missing Enus
× 10
Gobball War Chief Wool
Lvl 29
× 20
Gobball Wool
Lvl 19
× 10
White Gobbly Wool
Lvl 13
The End of Eternity Quests
Main Quests
10 Complete the quest 'An Eternal Harvest'.
Soul Searcher
Doped Rounds Quests
Temple Quests
10 Complete the quest 'An Excessive Baker's Dozen' 10 times.
× 255
Lvl 1
It's Just The Beginning Quests
1 Own 1 Calendar Page.
Prisonball Quests
Wanted Notices
20 Capture the monsters wanted by the Astrub authorities and on the run on Pandala.
Wanted: Marzwel the Goblin
Wanted: Aermyne 'Braco' Scalptaras
Wanted: Musha the Oni
Wanted: Rok Gnorok
Wanted: Zatoishwan
Haddock on a Roll Quests
Otomai Island
10 Complete all the Otomai Island access quests.
The New World
Castaway Island
× 1
Kokonut Slice
Lvl 14
× 10
Lvl 42
× 1
Lvl 14
Disruptive Intruders Quests
Frigost Island
1 Complete the quest 'Fight Club'.
Disruptive Intruder
In Quest of Proof Quests 1 Complete 10 quests.
In Quest of Truth Quests 5 Complete 50 quests.
In Quest of Solutions Quests 10 Complete 100 quests.
Public Treasury Quests
Frigost Island
1 Open a chest in the Tears of Ouronigride or Alma's Cradle.
Chest open
Level 140
× 10
Vigi Pirate Fabric
Lvl 155
I Saw the Signs Quests
Frigost Island
1 Find 10 signs in the Asparah Gorge.
Level 150
× 10
Yomi Snowfoux Malleolus
Lvl 180
Cunning as a Lenald Quests
Wabbit Islands
10 Complete the following quests:
Save the Species
Make Love, Not War
Smells Like Cawwots
Houston, We Have a Pwoblem
The Gastronomic Art
A Culinary Expedition
Journey to the Centre of the Wabbit
Pwince Not-So-Charming
Cawwot Munchew
The Empewow's New Cawwots Quests
Wabbit Islands
10 Slip into the Wa Wabbit's finery before meeting the Dofus Keepew.
Pass yourself off as the Wa Wabbit
× 1
Cawwot Dofus
Lvl 6