Level 200
Explorer Emeritus


17 % (31 / 181)


Name Category Completed Objective Rewards
A Dream Disciple Quests
Main Quests
10 Complete all Astrub's main quests.
Discreet Arrival
Remarkyble Advice
Class Quest
Devotion Quest
Astrubian Rumours
× 10
Black Gobbly Wool
Lvl 43
× 10
White Gobbly Wool
Lvl 41
Town Hall Crawl Quests
Main Quests
10 Complete all Frigost Town Hall's quests.
Welcome to Frigost
The Frozen Lake
The Survivors of Frigost
Frigost: An Island Like No Other
Sustainable Growth
Dungeons and Dragrunts
A Mine of Information
Friboff Quests
Main Quests
10 Complete all the Frigost introduction quests.
The Icefields
A Frosty Mayor
Full Contact
× 1
Crabeye Pincer
Lvl 111
× 1
Gullipop Feather
Lvl 106
Stop Right There Quests
Main Quests
10 Complete all the Frigost access quests.
The Crown Jewels
The Pirate of Men's Pants
It's Cold But It Doesn't Matter
Epic Beard, Man
Up There on the Mountain
The Frozen Peak
× 1
Esurient Bearbarian Incisor
Lvl 190
× 1
Venomous Brockhard Tail
Lvl 186
× 1
Fungus Gill
Lvl 180
× 1
Snowfoux Leather
Lvl 170
× 1
Mofette Tuff
Lvl 159
× 1
Pirate Oil
Lvl 150
Pandala and Dragon Quests
20 Complete the following achievements:
Watery Holiday
Feet Firmly on the Ground
Under Clouds of Ash
Where the Wind Blows
× 1
Lvl 180
Around The World In 27 Dungeons Quests
Main Quests
50 Complete all the Trip Around the World quests.
Trip Around the World
The Key Master
The Master's Henchmen
A Hysterical Judge
Dungeons and Yet More Dungeons
The Warrior's Path
Warrior Worries
× 10
Batofu Feather
Lvl 40
× 1
Mega Legendary Crackler Rock
Lvl 70
× 10
Black Rat Ulna
Lvl 110
× 1
Crocabulia Tooth
Lvl 120
× 1
Bworker Hide
Lvl 180
Dungeons First Edition Quests
Main Quests
10 Complete the following quests:
Chunderbirds Are Go!
Foam Dungeon
Raggy Dungeon
Cosy Dungeon
Brilliant Dungeon
It's Just The Beginning Quests
1 Own 1 Calendar Page.
Oh Dearest Astrub Quests
10 Complete all the exploration quests.
A Tourist Who's Observant Is Worth Two in a Rush
If You're Happy and in Astrub, Clap Your Hands...
Guided Tour of Allister's Castle
The Village People
× 15
Black Gobbly Wool
Lvl 43
Scrap Quests
10 Complete all the battle quests.
Wambo of the Sandbox
Prisoners of Astrub
Crocodyls' Undies
Hard Day's Fight
Woolly Wool Shearer
Head in the Sand
The Flowers of Evil
A Manishian Conflict
Heroes of Noworth
× 10
Black Gobbly Wool
Lvl 43
Haddock on a Roll Quests
Otomai Island
10 Complete all the Otomai Island access quests.
The New World
Castaway Island
× 10
Lvl 42
× 5
Lvl 43
Agriculture or Alchemy Quests
Frigost Island
10 Complete the following quests:
Icefield Harvest
Lonesome Pine Trails Harvest
Frozen Lake Harvest
Alma's Cradle Harvest
Tears of Ouronigride Harvest
Obsidemon's Hypogeum Harvest
Asparah Gorge Harvest
Petrified Forest Harvest
Fangs of Glass Harvest
Mount Scauldron Harvest
× 1
Vespal Bearbarian Antenna
Lvl 190
× 1
Treecherous Bark
Lvl 174
× 1
Steam Egg
Lvl 155
× 1
Pingwobble Skin
Lvl 120
× 1
Frozen Acorn
Lvl 115
× 1
Mastogob Clavicle
Lvl 120
Know The Drill Quests
Frigost Island
10 Complete the following quests:
Fishing in Frozen Waters
Get Your Fresh Snapper Here!
× 1
Kung-Fu Pingwin Tail
Lvl 135
× 1
Pingwin Oil
Lvl 135
× 1
Pingwobble Skin
Lvl 120
× 1
Shaman Pingwin Beard Hair
Lvl 130
× 1
Pingwinkle Feather
Lvl 115
Adventure Destinations Quests
Province of Amakna
10 Complete the following quests:
Ghost-on-Ghost Action
The Ascension
Canny Balls
× 1
Boostache Moustache
Lvl 80
× 1
Kwakwa Beak
Lvl 60
× 1
Kanniball Andchain's Hood
Lvl 70
In Quest of Proof Quests 1 Complete 10 quests.
In Quest of Truth Quests 5 Complete 50 quests.
In Quest of Solutions Quests 10 Complete 100 quests.
In Quest of Sense Quests 20 Complete 200 quests.
In Quest of Identity Quests 30 Complete 300 quests.
Cunning as a Lenald Quests
Wabbit Islands
10 Complete the following quests:
Save the Species
Make Love, Not War
Smells Like Cawwots
Houston, We Have a Pwoblem
The Gastronomic Art
A Culinary Expedition
Journey to the Centre of the Wabbit
Pwince Not-So-Charming
Cawwot Munchew