Level 200
Crystal Climber


30 % (55 / 181)


Name Category Completed Objective Rewards
A Dream Disciple Quests
Main Quests
10 Complete all Astrub's main quests.
Discreet Arrival
Remarkyble Advice
Class Quest
Devotion Quest
Astrubian Rumours
× 10
Black Gobbly Wool
Lvl 43
× 10
White Gobbly Wool
Lvl 41
Town Hall Crawl Quests
Main Quests
10 Complete all Frigost Town Hall's quests.
Welcome to Frigost
The Frozen Lake
The Survivors of Frigost
Frigost: An Island Like No Other
Sustainable Growth
Dungeons and Dragrunts
A Mine of Information
Friboff Quests
Main Quests
10 Complete all the Frigost introduction quests.
The Icefields
A Frosty Mayor
Full Contact
× 1
Crabeye Pincer
Lvl 111
× 1
Gullipop Feather
Lvl 106
Stop Right There Quests
Main Quests
10 Complete all the Frigost access quests.
The Crown Jewels
The Pirate of Men's Pants
It's Cold But It Doesn't Matter
Epic Beard, Man
Up There on the Mountain
The Frozen Peak
× 1
Esurient Bearbarian Incisor
Lvl 190
× 1
Venomous Brockhard Tail
Lvl 186
× 1
Fungus Gill
Lvl 180
× 1
Snowfoux Leather
Lvl 170
× 1
Mofette Tuff
Lvl 159
× 1
Pirate Oil
Lvl 150
Too Cold For Zero Quests
Main Quests
10 Complete the following quests:
Snow Business
Hot 'n' Cold
All Is Not Frost
× 10
Asteraw Leather
Lvl 200
× 10
Karkanik Blood
Lvl 200
× 10
Dodox Feather
Lvl 200
× 10
Mechaniac Astragalus
Lvl 200
× 10
Sinistrofu Wing
Lvl 200
Winter Epilogue Quests
Main Quests
1 Complete the following quest:
The 1001-Day Countdown
Pandala and Dragon Quests
20 Complete the following achievements:
Watery Holiday
Feet Firmly on the Ground
Under Clouds of Ash
Where the Wind Blows
× 1
Lvl 180
Around The World In 27 Dungeons Quests
Main Quests
50 Complete all the Trip Around the World quests.
Trip Around the World
The Key Master
The Master's Henchmen
A Hysterical Judge
Dungeons and Yet More Dungeons
The Warrior's Path
Warrior Worries
× 10
Batofu Feather
Lvl 40
× 1
Mega Legendary Crackler Rock
Lvl 70
× 10
Black Rat Ulna
Lvl 110
× 1
Crocabulia Tooth
Lvl 120
× 1
Bworker Hide
Lvl 180
Doped Rounds Quests
Temple Quests
10 Complete the quest 'An Excessive Baker's Dozen' 10 times.
× 255
Lvl 1
It's Just The Beginning Quests
1 Own 1 Calendar Page.
What Diligence Quests
10 Own 100 Calendar Pages.
× 17
Lvl 1
Commission Impossible Quests
Wanted Notices
30 Obtain the following achievements:
Cosy Corner
The Wanted
Expecto Patrolman
Cosy Corner Quests
Wanted Notices
20 Capture the monsters wanted by the Frigost Village authorities.
Wanted: Mastoslob
Wanted: Mister Penguin
Wanted: Katigger
Wanted: Pirate Bhey
Wanted: The Masked Avenger
Wanted: The Yech'ti
Wanted: Doctor Gobotnegg
The Wanted Quests
Wanted Notices
20 Capture the monsters wanted by the Snowbound Village authorities.
Wanted: Fuji Snowfoux
Wanted: Dremoan
Wanted: Flasho
Wanted: Vinnie the Bearbarian
Scrap Quests
10 Complete all the battle quests.
Wambo of the Sandbox
Prisoners of Astrub
Crocodyls' Undies
Hard Day's Fight
Woolly Wool Shearer
Head in the Sand
The Flowers of Evil
A Manishian Conflict
Heroes of Noworth
× 10
Black Gobbly Wool
Lvl 43
Hot, Am I, Otomai? Quests
Otomai Island
20 Obtain the following achievements:
Haddock on a Roll
High Voltage
Breakdown Service
Bog Standard
Respectable Adventurer
Haddock on a Roll Quests
Otomai Island
10 Complete all the Otomai Island access quests.
The New World
Castaway Island
× 10
Lvl 42
× 5
Lvl 43
High Voltage Quests
Otomai Island
10 Complete the following quests:
Very High-Speed Scarplane
Another Means of Transport
× 10
Plain Pikoko Wing
Lvl 80
Breakdown Service Quests
Otomai Island
10 Complete the following quests:
Stella Stukup, the Baker
Polka Merer Needs You
The Bulbish Potion
The Hidden Son
The Lost Woman
Crocodyl Dandy's Hunting Sessions
× 1
Snailmet Shell
Lvl 154
× 1
Dark Pikoko Nut
Lvl 129
Bog Standard Quests
Otomai Island
10 Complete all the Peat Bog quests.
The Death Bridge Keeper
Kito's Revenge
Miss Lousy Piggy's Revenge
The Black and Pink Knight
× 1
Ouassingue Juice
Lvl 80
× 1
Miremop Double Chin
Lvl 92
× 1
Dried Mopeat Peat
Lvl 107