Level 200
Royal Relation
Terra Cogita


52 % (12 / 23)


Name Category Completed Objective Rewards
First Generation Breeding 10 Succeed in breeding all the types of first-generation Dragoturkey.
Almond Dragoturkey
Golden Dragoturkey
Ginger Dragoturkey
The First Time Breeding 1 Mate two mounts.
Hush Little Baby Breeding 20 Mate two mounts 100 times.
Catch It If You Can Breeding 10 Capture the wild mounts.
Wild Almond Dragoturkey
Wild Golden Dragoturkey
Wild Ginger Dragoturkey
Seventh Generation Breeding 40 Succeed in breeding all the types of seventh-generation Dragoturkey.
Ivory Dragoturkey
Turquoise Dragoturkey
Matron Breeding 10 Bring 10 mounts into the World.
Pregnant Or Just Fat? Breeding 1 Bring 1 mount into the World.
A Star Is Born Breeding 20 Bring 100 mounts into the World.
Snippety Snip! Breeding 10 Castrate a Dragoturkey.
Freedom Won't Let You Down Breeding 10 Free a Dragoturkey.
Ninth Generation Breeding 50 Succeed in breeding all the types of ninth-generation Dragoturkey.
Emerald Dragoturkey
Plum Dragoturkey
Love Dragtually Breeding 10 Mate two mounts 10 times.