Rules and Sanctions

The moderation team is in charge of keeping the atmosphere in the game and on the forum pleasant. Moderators are trusted volunteer players whom Ankama provides with tools to keep the game as friendly as possible. Moderators are not Ankama employees, and their job is not to severely sanction players.

Here is an overview.

Their role is to take preventive action with players by making them aware of the risks they run if they do not follow the rules of DOFUS Touch so they will not be sanctioned. Moderators have a few tools available to maintain a nice in-game atmosphere.

Moderators have a special appearance in DOFUS Touch: They are represented by a lion with a loincloth and epaulettes when they decide to show themselves. Indeed, moderators are usually invisible in the game, which means that they can observe and contact you, but you will not be able to see them if they do not wish to be seen. Their names are always enclosed in square brackets. For example, the moderator Modo's name appears as [Modo] in the game.

When they speak in the game, moderators use one of the following: a normal message, a RED message, or a private message to contact one or more players individually.

Beware of Fake Moderators

Unfortunately, unscrupulous players are sometimes pretend to be moderators, in order to steal items or accounts. If you have any doubts about the identity of the person who contacting you, here are the elements you can check to make sure they are a moderator:

  • Check that the name is enclosed in square brackets; it must be in the [Name] format.
  • Check the moderator's guild; it must be "Ankama".
  • Request a RED message because only moderators, game masters, and administrators can send them.
  • Type /whois *nickname_of_the_person_talking_to_you in the DOFUS Touch chat box; the account's Ankama nickname has the #OFFI tag instead of the usual four numbers.

Moderators will never ask you for your password, secret answer, or email address. Generally speaking, they will never ask you for ANY of your account details.